Connah, John Thomas

John Thomas Connah (spelled Cunnah in Army records) joined the 14th Btn. Royal Welsh Fusiliers 23rd January 1915 age 21. He transferred to the Machine Gun Corps in November 1916. He was wounded on 10th June 1917 and he died on the 18th.

John Connah was one of seven brothers who joined the Army, and one of three to sacrifice his life in the war. From census records, Benjamin and Mary Ann Connah are known to have had 11 children:

  1. Charles 1882 – served and wounded
  2. Mary 1887
  3. James 1888 – served, died 1915 in France
  4. Benjamin 1890 – served and wounded at Salonika (Married 1924 Lucy Williams, died 1947 Hawarden Dist.)
  5. Walter 1892 – served (Married 1927 Elizabeth Millington, died 1955 Hawarden Dist.)
  6. John 1893 – served, died 1917 in Belgium
  7. Arthur 1895 – served
  8. Alexander (Alec) 1897 – served, died 1918 in France
  9. Gladney 1899 (Married 1926, Died 1957 Wrexham Dist.)
  10. Bertha 1902
  11. William Harris 1904

Mary Ann Connah died in 1933.

John’s death was announced in the County Herald on June 29, 1917:

News has been received by Mrs. Connah, of Spon Green, that her son, Pte. John Connah has been severely wounded. He joined in February, 1916, when he was sent to the Front. Mrs. Connah has given seven sons to the Colours. One was killed, one was wounded and had to lose one leg, one discharged, and now John is wounded

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