St. Matthew’s Church

    Plaque inside the Church dedicated 28 December 1919

    Photo courtesy Paul Davies

    Antrobus, Thomas; Birks, Fred VC MM; Birks, Robert Edward; Brown, James; Catherall, John Samuel; Catherall, Ralph; Collins, William James; Davison, Frederick; Dolby, William Rosser; Dunn, John Cragg; Ellis, John; Ellis, John William; Ellis, Samuel; Evans, Jesse; Fox, Harry; Gladstone, William C; Griffiths, Albert; Griffiths, George Arthur; Hastings, George W.; Hayes, William Henry; Hodgkinson, Frank; Iball, Thomas; Jellicoe, Henry; Jones, Arthur; Jones, Herbert; Jones,John Henry; Jones, Randal; Jones, Samuel; Jones, William Daniel; Knight, Joseph; Lewis, Andrew; Lovelock, Leonard; Nickson, William Ernest; Price, Stephen; Roberts, William; Rogers, Alfred; Rogers, Herbert; Smith, Amos; Stanley, Reuben; Tomlinson, Joseph; Tomlinson, William; Whitley, Emrys; Wilcock, Wilfred.

    Fred Birks Memorial at St. Matthew’s

    Birks_fred Buckley Memorial new Position

    Bistre Parish Church

    Unveiled 17 April 1921

    Bistre Memorial

    Bevan, George Ewart; Bickley, Robert; Blackburne, Charles Harold DSO; Brownbill, John; Burrows, William; Catherall, Edmund; Catherall, Edmund Godfrey; Catherall, Thomas; Catherall, William Cecil; Collins, William James; Connah, Alexander; Connah, James; Connah, John Thomas; Connah, Robert; Cox, William; Davies, Charles; Davies, Edwin; Davies, Robert; Davison, Frederick; Ellis, Arthur; Ellis, John; Ellis, John William; Evans, John; Evans, Joseph; Fox, Harry; Griffiths, Edward John; Hayes, William Victor; Hewitt, Thomas George; Hopwood, Albert Edwin; Hopwood, James; Hughes, Reginald Arthur; Hughes, Thomas Victor; Iball, Albert; Iball, Charles; Iball, George; Iball, James; Iball, Llywelyn; Jackson, Ephraim; Jones, Arthur; Jones, Herbert; Jones, Jabez Albert; Jones, William Thomas; Lewis, Joseph Edward; Millington, Arthur; Mole, William James; Molyneux, Edward Charles; Owen, William; Parry, John; Parry, Joseph; Parry, John Henry; Parry, John William; Richards, John; Roberts, Edward; Roberts, James; Roberts, John; Rowlands, Oliver; Rowson, Orlando; Shaw, Charles; Shone, Edward; Spencer, Herbert; Tatum, George; Warburton, John; Wilcock, John; Wilcock, William; Williams, John William; Williams, Thomas; Williams, William; Williams, William Henry; Williamson, Harry; Wood, James


    Transcript of WW2 Memorial in Bistre Church by Margaret Mole, Buckley Magazine 20 (1996)

    St. John’s Congregational

    From “A History of St. John’s Congregational Church” (courtesy Matthew Lovelock): at the close of the War, the Church decided to erect a War Memorial to those who had made the Supreme Sacrifice, and three exceedingly beautiful panels were placed in the pulpit with the inscription, “To the Memory of the Men of this Church who fell during the Great War, 1914 – 1919.”

    Thomas Antrobus, Cecil Catherall, John Ellis, Samuel Ellis, Harry Fox, Edward John Griffiths, Ephraim Jackson, Andrew Lewis, G. H. Lewis, Stephen Price, William Roberts, Olive Rowlands, John Wilcock, Wilfred Wilcock, Harry Williamson.

    The cost of the Memorial which was £135 was covered by subscriptions.”

    After the Second World War, the names of the lost were added to the First World War list. 3 separate panels were added.

    Gordon Taylor, Kenneth Price, Fred Shone, William Lewis.

     St John's Memorial plaque St John's Memorial plaque 2


    Bryn Methodist, Alltami

    James Bewley, Joseph Edwards, Reuben Stanley, William Taylor.

    Wesleyan Chapel, Buckley Square

    Courtesy Carol Shone

    Buckley Cross plaque right on organ (2)

    Ephraim Jackson, Arthur Millington, Albert Spencer, James Wood


    Bethel Welsh Methodist, Mold Road

    Courtesy Carol Shone


    Owen Jones, Albert Edwin Hopwood, William Thomas Jones, Glyn Roberts


    Tabernacle Primitive Methodist

    Courtesy Matthew Lovelock



     his memorial was erected in grateful remembrance of Herbert Humphreys and Dennis Williams who at the call of King and Country left all that was near and dear to them and faced danger, endured hardship, and finally passed beyond the sight of men into the presence of God


    This organ was rebuilt and dedicated November 1995



     To the Glory of God And in gratitude to those who served, Fought and fell in the Great War With the notable zealous help of young men This organ was erected by the members and friends of Wesleyan Church, Buckley. Square

    4th April 1917


     The following made the supreme Sacrifice and to whose memory This tablet is erected

    Ephraim Jackson, Albert Spencer, Arthur Millington, James Wood



    To the Glory of God and in Memory of the young men of This church who made the Supreme sacrifice on the cause of Freedom and right in the Great War

    1914 – 1919

    Buckley Cross plaque WWI (2)Robert Bickley, William Cox, Charles Davies, Robert Davies, J Evans, Albert Iball, William Daniel Jones, Joseph Lewis, Amos Smith, Reuben Stanley, George Tatum, John William Williams,    Thomas Williams

    “Their name liveth for evermore”

    Unveiled 30 October 1920


    The hearing aids in use in this church Were installed by the Sunday School And Congregation in grateful and proud Remembrance of the young men of the Church who sacrificed their lives in The Second World War 1939 – 1945

     G. Croose, H.Edwards, E.Hewitt,T. Hill, E.M. Roberts, J. E. Wilcock

    We will remember them

    Unveiled 5th September 1954


    Bistre Methodist, Spon Green

    Bistre Methodist

    John T Connah, James Connah, Alexander Connah, William Evans, Wilfred Owens, John Parry, Joseph Parry, Samuel Peters, Edward Shone, William H Williams


    Raymond Shone, Horace Griffiths, Jack Owens


    The Bistre Methodist Chapel moved to Coronation Gardens (Carol Shone)

    Drury Lane Methodist

    Courtesy Matthew Lovelock

    Joseph Tomlinson, William Tomlinson, Edward Davies, Edward Shone, Fred Davison





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