Jones, Alfred

The Soldiers Died database identifies Alfred as born in Buckley, Flint and enlisted in Wrexham. The identities of his family are not known positively but from a review of the 1911 census there is only one strong possibility. Alfred Jones is believed to be the son of Alfred and Elizabeth Jones, living at High St. in 1911 with children William 23, Arthur 21, Alfred 15 brick worker born Buckley, Annie 12. Other children known from 1901 were Charlotte and Sarah.

UK Soldiers Who Died in The Great War 1914 -19 accessible on confirms the regimental details on the left of this page and adds that he enlisted in Wrexham.

The Register of Soldier’s Effects (also on Ancestry), in which the army calculated what moneys were owed to deceased soldiers includes an entry for Alfred. It says that he died on or since the 23rd April 1917 and that Death was ‘presumed’.  A total of £7 .. 17sh .. 10d was paid to his father Alfred in two separate payments.

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