Iball, Ivor John

Ivor John Iball was born in Abergavenny, the son of Richard (born Buckley) and Sarah Iball. Ivor John married Mary Fawkes and had children Ivy, Richard Robert and, Sarah. He was an insurance agent before enlisting.

Ivor John is named on the Abergavenny War Memorial and Llanfoist Church memorial.

Ivor John’s medals were auctioned in 2006 with the following description:
British War and Victory Medals, M.I.D. oak leaf (2026 C. Sgt., Monmouth. R.), nearly extremely fine (2) £80-100.

Ivor John Iball, who was born at Abergavenny, where he enlisted in the 3rd Battalion, Monmouthshire Regiment, was first embarked for active service in February 1915, thereby qualifying for the 1914-15 Star. Subsequently advanced to Colour-Sergeant and mentioned in despatches (London Gazette 15 June 1916 refers), he died in France on 1 November 1917 and was buried in the St. Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen.

The name Iball appears six times on the Hawkesbury Memorial (Albert, Charles, George, Llewellyn, I. J., and Thomas), plus James is on the Bistre Memorial. Charles, George, and James were brothers, sons of Peter and Martha, living in Doncaster but born in Buckley. Iball is a uniquely Buckley name; in 1881, every one of the 71 people with the Iball name in England, Wales and Scotland lived in Buckley. In statistical terms the number of Iball men who died was about five times greater than would be predicted based on population. This does not count Reuben Stanley, killed in 1918, who was the son of Thomas Stanley and Elizabeth Iball, daughter of William and Phoebe Iball. Albert Iball of Langold, Nottinghamshire and William Harold Iball of Abergavenny were killed in WW2

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