Brownbill, John


John was originally the village postmaster at Bickerstaffe near Ormskirk in Lancashire and he had served in the Army for more than two years before his death in September 1918 in a military hospital in Brighton, the result of the terrible effects of mustard gas. He was buried with full military honours in Bickerstaffe churchyard and his name appears on the memorial at Bickerstaffe, Omskirk and Bistre Parish Church in Buckley.

John married Martha Ann Edwards who was in domestic service with the Vicar of Bickerstaffe. She was the daughter of Edward and Martha Edwards (nee Millington) of Buckley and granddaughter of Ann Edwards (nee Frith) of Frith’s Yard in Brunswick Road. Martha Ann returned to Buckley in around 1940 and remarried _ Griffiths and died in 1977 aged 88.

Martha Ann’s sister Sarah (Sally) married Harry Evans the brother of Joseph Evans who is also commemorated on the Buckley Memorial )

From information posted on, John had two children. John Edward Brownbill born 13th October 1915, died 14th  September 1985 Wrexham; and Pat.

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