Renshaw, Harry Bradley

Harry Bradley Renshaw was born in the December quarter of 1911, (Flintshire (Mold) FLNT/49/66), and baptised on the 15th October 1911 at St. Mary’s Parish Church, Flint, the son of Henry & Clara Mearn (sic) RENSHAW, Chester St. Fruiterer.

Harry Bradley’s birth was on the 20th September 1911, Bagillt, according to the McFarlane Family Tree (Hezhigg),many thanks to them.

I believe that Harry had at least 3 sisters and 1 brother: Florence Violet Mearns Renshaw born in 1907, Clara Renshaw born in 1909, Iris Oxton Renshaw in 1914 and Norman Lawrence Renshaw born in 1924.

Harry’s parents had married at the same church on the 6th August 1906, Henry was 23, a Bachelor and a General Dealer, as was his father Thomas Renshaw, his abode was Bagillt.   Henry’s bride, Clara Mearns Bradley,  was 22, a spinster and her abode was Flint, her father was John Henry Bradley a Boiler Maker and they married after Banns.

The family moved to Deeside as on the 1939 Register (taken on the 29th September 1939), they were living at Sunnyside Mancot , Hawarden, Flintshire.   James  Henry Renshaw, born 5th March 1883 was a Millwright (Heavy Worker) and Clara M. Renshaw, born the 5th August 1884 was doing “Unpaid Domestic Duties,” as most marred women without a job are described on this register.   Also in the household was Norman L. Renshaw, born 11th July 1924, single and seeking work, not previously employed.   Harry’s sister Clara (born 4th August 1909) had married Samuel K. McFarlane in the March Quarter of 1932 at St. Mary’s Church Flint, but sadly he died in 1939, so Clara is on the Register with her son James H. MacFarlane, born 5th May 1932 and he was at school.   There was on other redacted or closed record, but I do not know who that was.   This source also tells us that Clara remarried to Alfred Ernest Ricketts in a Civil Marriage  at Hawarden (Flintshire (Mold) HAW/18/6).

It appears that Harry had enlisted into the Royal Artillery in 1938, according to the Royal Artillery Attestations 1883-1942.  This also states that he was transferred to A.C.C. (Army Catering Corps.) on the 13th November 1941.   Please read

I have no information on Harry’s early life and teen years but Harry Bradley Renshaw had met at some point, Marian Williams, and they married at the Presbyterian Church, Mancot in the September Quarter of 1941 (Flintshire (Mold) A102/02/E6).   Again McFarlane Family Tree (Hezhigg), tells us that the marriage was on the 7th August 1941.

Marian Vaughan Williams is seen on the 1939 National Register living with her family at 9, Queens Street, Queensferry.   Her father John Williams had been born on the 29th September 1884 and he was a Master Builder Contractor, his wife, Katherine V. Williams, was born on the 2nd or 3rd March 1888 or 1885 and she was a Housewife.   Marian V. Williams birthdate was the 11th April 1913 and was doing “Domestic Duties” and was single.  William L. Williams had been born on the 1`st November 1914 and was a Carpenter and Joiner, also single.  Marian’s sister, Gwyneth V. Williams birthdate was the 13th October 1917, she was single and a Shorthand Typist.

The Births, Marriages and Deaths Index for the June quarter of 1913 tells us that Marian’s mother’s maiden name was Parry and the Certificate No. is Vol. 11b Page 412.

Extract from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission citation:- History Information

The Allied offensive in north-western Europe began with the Normandy landings of 6 June 1944. For the most part, the burials in Brouay War Cemetery relate to the heavy fighting of June and July 1944, when Commonwealth forces attempted to encircle Caen to the south. The cemetery contains 377 Second World War burials, seven of them unidentified.

He was the only Army Catering Corps fatality on the CWGC Graves Registration Report Form.

Harry Renshaw must have been in the Battle of Normandy. (D.Day Overlord)

History: Early July 1944, the British had not yet seized Caen. General Montgomery launched several operations to break the German defense line but without major successes: his opponents resisted despite the abundance of bombing and the means committed.

On July 8, 1944, a new offensive began, called Operation Charnwood, preceded by one of the most violent aerial bombardments of the Battle of Normandy. The municipality of Maltot is the last objective of the 130th Infantry Brigade (43rd “Wessex” Infantry Division) to control several points on the Odon to the southwest of Caen. But the Germans of the 10.S. Panzer-Division “Frundsberg” offer a fierce resistance and the British struggle to break through the front line.

The British began their attack at 8.15, the offensive being preceded by a violent artillery fire. The 7th Battalion, Hampshire Regiment progresses supported by the tanks of the 44th Royal Tank Regiment and losses are numerous from the first minutes of the assault. However, the infantrymen managed to reach Maltot and the operation seemed to be a success. But the Germans of the 11th SS Panzer-Grenadier-Regiment 1 (1. SS Panzer-Division Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler) commanded by the Obersturmführer Frank Hasse counterattack, and moments later Tiger tanks suddenly appear in the streets Of the village, hitherto hidden on the outskirts of the municipality, and elements of the first company of the Schwere SS Panzer Abteilung 101 are also engaged in the battle, which is supported by armoured firepower and positions despite the commitment of the 4th Battalion, the Dorsetshire Regiment, the British are obliged to withdraw to the north and abandon the hope of seizing Maltot that day.

On 15 July, Operation Greenline is launched. Aiming to fix the Germans in the area of ​​Caen in order to allow the Americans to succeed Operation Cobra in the south of Cotentin. It is the 4th Battalion Wiltshire Regiment (129th Infantry Brigade), supported by the tanks of the 7th Royal Tank Regiment, which seizes Maltot July 23, partially destroyed by the bombing.

The Casualty List (Page 14) tells us that Harry Bradley was Killed in Action on the 23rd July 1944.

Marian never married again, she is seen on the Electoral Registers, 2003-2010 living still at No. 9, Queen Street, Queensferry in 2008 and she died on the 3rd February 2008 age 95 years.

He was badly missed by his family, especially Marian, they added his name to the Memorial so he would be remembered in perpetuity.

It appears that James Henry Renshaw Harry’s father was to die in 1940, he would not see him married nor would he suffer the loss of his son but Clara Mearns Renshaw died in 1957, her grief had to be borne alone.

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