WW2 Names (107 on the Slate Panels and 8 on the top of the columns by the steps)

Disclaimer :- I have researched the names of the men and boys below who are named on the Memorial (but sadly they are only recorded with a surname and an initial), with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website, so I apologise in advance if any are wrong and would be very grateful for any information on the ones that I cannot find on the CWGC website, even a very small clue.  The one with –Guess – after the name is because that is the only name that coincided with the name.   I will now start my research as and when more documents are released.    Please contact the website.


JONES, Joseph



SQUIRES, Allan J. S  (Name at the bottom of the right hand Slate Panel)

See also the man (below) who is remembered on the War Memorial, on the top of the pillars in front, added at a later date.

There are only brief details re the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website, I noticed that there are some names on the memorial that have been added and not on the two slate panels.     All but Richard HUGHES have been researched and are on the list above.

Left Column next to steps (Side)

Richard HUGHES – suspect WW2, any help would be appreciated.


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