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Harry Jones was born in the June quarter of 1922, (Hawarden Vol.  11b Page 375) the son of Henry & Rebecca Jones (nee Parker) who had married in St. Ethelwold’s Church, Shotton on the 20th December 1920.

Henry JONES, 28, Bachelor, Ironworker, Bethel Villa, Shotton Lane, Samuel JONES, Ironworker & Rebecca PARKER, 27, Spinster, 5 Estyn Terrace, Shotton, John PARKER, Ironworker (After Banns).    Witnesses:-John PARKER, Enoch PARKER & Martha JONES.  JAMES  J.J. ROBINSON* Vicar.

*J.J.J. Robinson was the Vicar of St. Ethelwold’s Church during the awful First World War and he asked families to tell him of their “Fallen” fathers, sons and brothers from the families of the Parish, so that they could have their names recorded, their names are on the Plaques in the Lady Chapel.  Click on the link to Connah’s Quay & Shotton WW1 War Memorial to read their stories.

I have no information on Harry during his childhood or teen years, but he must have joined the R.A.F. early as he was only 22 when he was killed.  Any information would be gratefully received as we do not want him to be forgotten.

The 1939 National Register (Taken on the 29th September 1939) shows Henry & Rebecca living at Pant y Corns, Green Lane, Ewloe Green , Hawarden, Flintshire.   It is this source that gives us their dates of birth:- Henry – 13th July 1892 and Rebecca’s on the 18th June 1893.   Henry is an Electrician’s Labourer doing Heavy Work and Rebecca, like most married women without a job, is described as doing “Unpaid Domestic Duties.“   There are 2 redactions or closed records, so they may be either Harry and a sibling or two siblings.   On the other hand, I was thinking because of the 70 or 100 year rule they were redacted, but underneath are 2 school children, William R. Griffith born 24th March 1928 and Eric G. Griffiths, born 13th February 1930.   I have no idea who these two children are.  In any case Harry could already be in the R.A.F. as he would need lots of training, and by 1939 he would have been 17 years old, so probably could either be in the R.A.F. or near to enlisting, any information would be gratefully received.

Please read the Report of the Flying Accident, which was given me by Dave of the WW2Talk Forum, ,

without this I was really stuck on what happened to Harry, so many, many thanks to him and all the members of the WW2 Forum, who have helped through my research for both Connah’s Quay & Shotton and also Hawarden.    Dave also told me that Harry’s D.F.M. was earned when Harry was in 76 Squadron and I think that I may have found him in that Squadron flying in a Halifax V EB;250 “R” on the 5th September 1943, taking off at 19.33 and landing at 02.35.   I know with the name JONES, H., it is a long shot, but it might be him. ( – Page 4 of 32).

On the website is the information below:-

RankSort by Rank             Name, Number, Trade & DetailsSort by Last Name           DateCurrently Sorted by Date    UnitSort by Unit       CountrySort by Country                Cemetery/Memorial & Loc Ref

Flight Sergeant  Emerson Gordon BARRIE (R/174466) Navigator Halifax DG226  IBCC          1944-08-24          1652 HCU                United Kingdom               Harrogate (Stonefall) CemeteryRef : Sec. E. Row C. Grave 3.

Flying Officer     Glenn David Welsh BURNIE (J/36277) Air Bomber Halifax DG226  IBCC     1944-08-24          1652 HCU                United Kingdom               Harrogate (Stonefall) CemeteryRef : Sec. E. Row C. Grave 6.

Flying Officer     Harry JONES (171287) Wireless Op./Air Gunner Halifax DG226  IBCC         1944-08-24          1652 HCU                United Kingdom               Hawarden CemeteryRef : Sec. 2G. Grave 35.

Flight Sergeant  John Duncan MORRISON (R/213960) Air Gunner Halifax DG226  IBCC       1944-08-24          1652 HCU                United Kingdom               Harrogate (Stonefall) CemeteryRef : Sec. E. Row C. Grave 4.

Sergeant              Clyde Roswell OSBORNE (R/154757) Pilot Halifax DG226  IBCC      1944-08-24          1652 HCU             United Kingdom              Harrogate (Stonefall) CemeteryRef : Sec. E. Row C. Grave 5.

Sergeant              James Edward ROBINSON (1594686) Flight Engineer Halifax DG226  IBCC                1944-08-24          1652 HCU                United Kingdom               Hale Cemetery : Sec. T. Grave 18.

A website that Dave from the wonderful WW2talk Forum sent me, telling the story of the DG226, and the photographs and Gravestones of some of the crew who died, many thanks to Dave for all his help, see below.

Taken from the website above:-

Harry Jones was awarded the DFM for service with 76 Squadron, Gazetted on 18th January 1944 for earlier service. By the time his DFM notification came through he had been granted a commission to the rank of P/O on probation on 3rd January 1944 and rose to F/O six months later.

Aircraft accidents in Yorkshire – August 1944.

The bodies of Harry and James Edward Robinson were returned to their families to be buried near to their homes, but the other 4, all from the Royal Canadian Air Force, were buried in Harrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Yorkshire, so they were buried many thousands of miles from their homes.   I have a list of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission details of these brave boys, who were all under 24 years of age.

I have since found this from a wonderful website –   International Bomber Command Centre

Excerpts from the above webpage:-  Operation – Training

Reason for Loss – Port outer engine burst into flames whilst climbing away from the airfield. Rolled onto its back and dived into Wetherby gold course. A broken con-rod was found to be the cause in subsequent investigations.

MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION – One of the other engines from this aircraft was recovered in 1978 and restored. It is on display at Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington.

Harry was very much loved as can be seen by the Inscription on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Citation, and they made sure his name was put forward to be added to the War Memorial.




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