Davies, Frank

Frank Davies was born circa 1910 and was the son of Arthur and Florence Gertrude Davies (nee Price), who I believe, married at St. Mary’s Church, Broughton, on the 5th January 1898 – Arthur DAVIES, 22 Bachelor, Game Keeper, The Warren, Edward DAVIES, Retired Shoemaker & Florence Gertrude PRICE, 21, Spinster, Broughton, John PRICE, Publican. (After Banns).   Witnesses:- Edward Samuel DAVIES & Ada PIERCY

I do not know about Frank’s early life, as according to the Commonwealth War Graves Citation he was born 1910 and should have been on the 1911 census, but he is not with his family, any help with his date of birth would be appreciated, indeed any help to tell his story would be gratefully received.

The only local marriage was a Civil Ceremony at Hawarden between a Frank Davies and a Winifred Killemede in 1939 (North Wales    Flintshire (Mold) HAW/14/98).   This would have to be purchased to confirm or deny.   However the Free Birth Marriages and Deaths tell us that they were married in the September Quarter of 1939, so perhaps should be found on the 1939 Register.

I  find Winifred and her parents on the 1939 Register which was taken on the 29th September 1939. War was declared on the 3rd September 1939.   They were living at 24, Aston Hall Lane, Hawarden.

Her father, William Killemede was born on the 29th Feb 1872 and was a Bricklayer, his wife Jane Killemede’s birthday was the 13th May 1874 and like most married women on this register who did not have a job, was doing ”Unpaid Domestic Duties.”    Their daughter Winifred Davies was born on the 31st March 1914 and this register tells us that she remarried to a gentleman called Pearson* after Frank died, and she is doing ”Unpaid Domestic Duties,” but also she is a British Red Cross Worker.    She  was listed as DAVIES, so she had already married Frank, but the Enumerator had written “S” for Single, so it must have been a clerical error and in any case Frank must already be in the Forces, as he is not here with Winifred.

* Winifred remarried Henry Pearson in the June quarter of 1943 in a Civil Marriage at Hawarden.  (Flintshire (Mold)HAW/16/82)

I also find on the 1939 National Register, Frank’s parents living at 10 Ridgeway, Flintshire, Wales.   Frank’s father, Arthur Davies was born on the 16th April 1874,was married and a General Labourer.  His wife Florence G. Davies’s birthday was the 18th August 1876 and like the married women above in the Killemede household was doing “Unpaid Domestic Duties.”   There is another person – but I don’t know the connection, perhaps a Boarder or Lodger –  Florence M Owens (Arrowsmith*) who was born  on the 11th May doing “ Unpaid Domestic Duties “ the image is a little fuzzy where her marital status is, I cannot tell if she is Married or not.  (See below).

* Is this the person on the 1939 Register that is with the DAVIES Family?   Ernest Arrowsmith, I believe they married in 1947 in a Civil Ceremony at Hawarden. (Flintshire (Mold) HAW/18/83).

The Royal Artillery Attestation Book doesn’t tell us much at all, just that 1454413 Frank DAVIES –  42/101 – “To Field Branch” 61st A/T 6th December 1942   Died.   The Transcription tells us that he was Attested in 1938.

Casualty List 991 –(Page 7) – Died of Wounds – 1454413 DAVIES, (507) Gnr F. 61 A.Tk. Regt. 6th November 1942

Frank’s Royal Artillery Other Ranks: casualty cards 1939-1947 tells us that his place of birth and residence was Hawarden and he died of Wounds, in an unknown place in Egypt, Theatre or Country where fatal wound sustained or death occurred – M.E.

I cannot add much  to Frank’s story as the documents are very vague, but according to the Commonwealth War Graves Citation, it explains why Alexandria was used as an important  Hospital Centre, see below, and according to the ANTI-TANK Regiments   – they were in North Africa and El Alamein  1942/1943.

Regiment – 61 ATk Regt – Type – TA  –  Origin/Change – Of 51 ATk Regt 1939

UK 1939-40 – 9 Inf Div

UK 1940-2 – 51 Inf Div

N Africa 1942-3 – 51 Inf Div

El Alamein 10/42 – 51 Inf Div

Sicily 1943 – 51 Inf Div

UK 1943-4 – 51 Inf Div

NW Europe 1944-5 – 51 Inf Div

Disb 1947.

Taken from the CWGC:- During the Second World War, Alexandria was again an important hospital centre, taking casualties from campaigns in the Western Desert, Greece, Crete, the Aegean Islands and the Mediterranean. Rest camps and hostels were also established there together with a powerful anti-aircraft base. Alexandria was also the communications centre for the middle and near east and became the headquarters of the Military Police. The cemetery at Hadra was extended for Second World War burials and was used from 1941.

Any help to tell Frank’s story would be gratefully received so he is not forgotten.

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