Broughton, Louis Deniol

Louis Deniol Broughton was born on the 7th March 1912, according to the British Armed Forces Deaths and Burials –“ Dotterel,” which can be seen further down on the web-page.   Louis was baptized on the 14th April 1912 at St. Deniol’s Church, Hawarden, the son of Joseph & Helen Broughton,(nee Rudkin), (Helen was written in the Baptism of Louis, but all other documents refer to Helen as Ellen), and was born in Hawarden, his father Joseph was a Mechanic.

His father Joseph died in the December quarter of 1922 so Louis would have been only 10 years old when he was fatherless. (Flintshire (Mold)              HAW/14A/59)

I have the baptisms of a few of his siblings but his father’s life was a complicated one, as his father Joseph Horace Broughton married 3 times and set up families with each of his wives, Joseph Horace was to suffer losses each time, that we all wish not have to go through.

His 1st wife was Eliza Rawson, they married on the 31st August 1872 in Manchester, Eliza was 19 years old and Joseph 20.

Their 2 daughters were baptised in different areas of Manchester, so I can only presume that they were moving around for work:-

Baptism of Sylvia:- St. Jude’s Parish Registers – Manchester. – Page 57 No. 454 30th March 1872 Sylvia d/o Joseph Horace & Eliza BROUGHTON, 34, Garden St., Mechanic

Baptism of Amy:- St. Peter’s Church Parish Registers – Blackley – Page 63 No 502 13th February 1876 Amy d/o Joseph & Eliza BROUGHTON, Stowe St., Greenheys, Manchester, Mechanic.

Sadly Eliza died in the June Quarter of 1881, age 27 years.(Cheshire West CAT/47/15) and the census show us that on the 3rd April 1881, Eliza was still alive as they are living at Catherine Street, Chester, Joseph, 29 was head of the household, he had been born in Manchester, Eliza, 27, tells us that she had been born in Matlock, Derbyshire, Sylvia, 8 and Amy 5 made up the family unit.

(Eliza was dead by the end of the June Quarter 1881 so may have died shortly after the Census).

On the 7th January  1884 in St. Peter’s Parish Church, Chester, Joseph married Sarah Ann Emmerson, 23 and a Spinster, her father was John Emmerson and an Ironmonger.

They are seen on the 1891 census living at 5, The Wynt, Hawarden, Flintshire, Joseph was now 38 and a Steam Engine Maker (Iron Turner), Sarah , 30 had been born in Chester.   Amy, 15, born Manchester,while Mabel 6, Helen, 4 and Emily 11 months had been born in Hawarden, made up the family.

Again, fate was very cruel and Sarah Ann died (Possible death Certificate Flintshire (Mold)HAW/24/68) in 1893, two years after the census.

On the 3rd August  1899, in St. Mary Magdalene’s Church in the Parish of Knighton, Leicestershire.

Joseph finally married his last bride, Ellen Rudkin, the mother of Louis Deniol, she was 24 years old and Joseph was 44.

The 1901 census show Joseph, 45, Dynamo Maker Foreman (Elect. App.) & Ellen, 25, born Leicester,  living at Church View, Hawarden, with Mabel, 16, Helen, 14 and Emily, 10.

By 1911 the family had grown with 3 sons being listed on the census, still living at Church,View Hawarden.  Joseph tell us that they had been married for 11 years and that 4 children had been born, but 1 died,  Joseph was still an Engineer (Iron Turner).   Horace James, 9, Joseph Eric, (Baptised* 10th March 1904,born 12th February) and Harry Vivian, 4,(Baptised* 10th January 1907 (born 3rd December 1906).

*St. Deniol’s Church, Hawarden.

I have no idea what Louis did when he was very young, except that he and siblings went to Hawarden Grammar School and their Admissions Register E/GS/1/10 tells us more:- 

479//475 BROUGHTON, Horace Jas.   D.o B – 10th September 1901, Church View, Hawarden, Father Engineer, D. O Entry – 14th September 1914. Queensferry Cl., D. Of Leaving – July 1919.

563/669 BROUGHTON, Joseph Eric, D. Of Birth – 13th February 1904, Church View, Hawarden, Father Engineer, D. Of Entry – 11th September 1916, Queensferry Cl. , Schol. £3, £3 £1, D. Of Leaving June 1919.

713/927 BROUGHTON, Harry Vivian, D. O Birth – 3rd December 1906, Church View, Hawarden, Father Foreman Turner, D. Of Entry – 22nd September 1919, Queensferry Council, Sch. £3, D. Of Leaving 21st February 1921 Clerk, Farmer’s Union.

BROUGHTON, Louis Deniol, D. O Birth 7th March 1912, Church View, Hawarden, Pattern Maker (Dec.), Date of Entry – 16th September 1924, Hawarden N.P.   Sch ., £3, £3,  D. Of Leaving 30th October 1928.

At about the age of 17 he was in the Merchant Navy as there are 2 Identity Cards, 1 date-stamped, 6th February 1929.   It also has a description of Louis, his rating was a Cadet, Complexion – Dark, Eyes – Grey and Hair – Black.   He also had a scar behind his right ear.  The other Card shows lists of Ship’s numbers and dates when he must have sailed in them.

I found a death certificate for a Joseph Broughton in 1922, this would have to be purchased to see if he is Louis’s father. (Hawarden         Flintshire (Mold) HAW/14A/59)

I think I found Ellen Broughton on the 1939 National  Register (Taken on the 29th September 1939)

Broughton Household (1 Person)

Church View , Hawarden R.D., Flintshire, Wales

Ellen      Broughton          10 Dec 1875        Female Unpaid Domestic Duties               Widowed            57           1

In the same year, 1939, there is a possible marriage of a Breda R Webber and a Lou D. Broughton in Liverpool (Possible marriage of Loui(sic) Deniol BROUGHTON & Breda R. WEBBER (Liverpool S. Vol. 8b, Page 254).The district Liverpool S. is an alternative name for Liverpool South and it is in the county of Lancashire.   The “Dotterel” was registered in Liverpool, so perhaps that was where they met.

On one of his Casualty Cards, his address is given as 260, Welford Road, Clarendon Park, Leicester and his next of kin – Breda(sic), of S/A.  (I, at first thought that meant South Africa or South America, but on the CWGC citation, they state:- Husband of Breda R. Broughton, of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.)  The other, which looks as though it is cancelled, gives the same address but no mention of Breda.   Breda must have emigrated after Louis died.

I really have no idea if the Breida Rose Webber that I found in the Ireland, Civil Registration Births Index, 1864-1958 is “our” Beida or Breda, but a birth was registered in the Dingle Registration District in the March Quarter of  1911.( Birth Country: Ireland Volume:               5 Page: 183).   Any help would be appreciated.

Also I found on http://www.census.nationalarch…in Ballydavid Town, Kilmalkedar, a Webber family, head of the household was William Webber, 41 (married 13 years, 5 children born, 1 died), Mary Webber, 36, Joseph Michel (sic), 12, Mary Ellen, 10, Margaret Patricia, 5 and Breida Rose, (no age stated.)

Louis Deniol was on the S/S “Dotterel” and I needed help to tell his story so I went on the website and Billy1963 helped me:-

(17th Feb. 2008):- Cargo ship Dotterel, 1,385grt (British & Continental SS Co.) had been sailing in the coastal convoy from London to Dublin with a general cargo. On the 7th March 1941 off Cromer the convoy was attacked by a number of German E-boats. The Dotterel was damaged by torpedo in approximate position 52′ 57 57N 01′ 30E. Taken in tow but drifted ashore and ran aground in position 52′ 41N 01′ 59E with no possibility of salvage.

E-Boat (German ‘Schnellboot’ or ‘S-boat’) Type: Motor torpedo boat (MTB)

History: – Identified by the British for some ill described purpose as an E-boat (‘Enemy boat’), the German Schnellboot, or S-Boot, differed significantly from the Royal Navy counterparts. Through the roots in a Lurssen civil type of the early 1930s, the S-boat was built of wood upon metal frames and received a round-bilged hull form that, although acquiring a lower maximum speed compared to the hard-handed British counterparts, had been greatly far more seakindly. In the case, the S-boat could preserve its highest speed in sea states which pushed the British to throttle back to prevent extreme pounding.

Diesel-powered drive had been given from the beginning, although the prototype S1 of 1930 and the follow-on S2-S5 of 1931-32 were forced to take petrol machines while Daimler- Benz and MAN designed a appropriate device. Just with the S56-73 of 1934-35 did the three-shaft diesel design become established. These types of craft had been 32.4 m (106.3ft) long and run for 35 kts. This speed had been regarded as not enough, so within the next class the seven-cylinder diesels were replaced for 11-cylinder devices, increasing speed however requiring a rise in size to 34.7m (113.8ft), which continued to be amazingly persistent until 1945, in large difference to the selection of motorboats with the British flag.

Due to their bigger size the S-boats took their 2 torpedo tubes forward from the wheelhouse, providing room for 2 skid-mounted reloads abaft them. It had been then a minor design move from S26 onwards to increase the forecastle by 1 m (3.28 ft), therefore enclosing the tubes and leaving a front gun-pit between them and, significantly, increasing the free board to obtain the craft a desirable dryness.

Always less noisy than British counterparts, the S-boats also were built with a profile which was difficult to spot without radar. Gun armament had constantly to be improved to check those of their enemies, the additional weight becoming balanced out to a large degree by enhanced weight saving methods of hull development and machines of greater power. Protection was improved through the use of the armoured ‘Kalotte’ kind bridge. By 1945 speeds had been pressed (through highly unstable machines) to a maximum 42 kts and, whilst no longer, the S700 type released 2 additional, aft-facing torpedo tubes.

Over 200 S-boats had been built, of which about 50 % made it to the end of WW2.

Commemorated Tower Hill Memorial. Panel 36

BROUGHTON, Second Officer, LOUI DEINIOL, S.S. Dotterel (Liverpool). Merchant Navy. 7th March 1941. Age 29. King’s Commendation for Brave Conduct. Husband of Breda R. Broughton, of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

CARTWRIGHT, Steward, JACK, S.S. Dotterel (Liverpool). Merchant Navy. 7th March 1941. Age 25. King’s Commendation for Brave Conduct. Son of George and Annie Cartwright; husband of Jessie Morison Cartwright, of Birkdale, Southport, Lancashire.

FOLLOWS, Able Seaman, ROBERT HAROLD, S.S. Dotterel (Liverpool). Merchant Navy. 7th March 1941. Age 21. Son of Mrs. F. M. Follows, of Forest Hill, London.

MEAGHER, Steward, DANIEL, S.S. Dotterel (Liverpool). Merchant Navy. 7th March 1941. Age 21. King’s Commendation for Brave Conduct. Son of Patrick Meager, and of Bridget Meager, of Deane, Bolton, Lancashire. Awarded Bronze Medal and Laurel Leaf for brave conduct.

PRITCHARD, Able Seaman, OWEN, S.S. Dotterel (Liverpool). Merchant Navy. 7th March 1941. Age 29. Son of David Pritchard, and of Martha Pritchard, of Amlwch Port, Anglesey.

ROBERTS, Able Seaman, THOMAS, S.S. Dotterel (Liverpool). Merchant Navy. 7th March 1941. Age 29. Son of Thomas and Fanny Roberts, of Llancilian, Anglesey; husband of Nancy S. Roberts, of Moelfre Bay, Anglesey.

SMITH, Third Engineer Officer, JACK, S.S. Dotterel (Liverpool). Merchant Navy. 7th March 1941. Age 51. Husband of Dorothy Smith, of Didsbury, Manchester.

Buried Ashore :- COTTER, Chief Officer, HAROLD CECIL KINGS, S.S. Dotterel. Merchant Navy. 7th March 1941. Age 40. Kings Commendation for brave conduct. Son of Alexander and Mary Ellen Cotter; husband of Pauline Cornelia Cotter, of Bromborough. Buried Eastbrookend (Dagenham) Cemetery.

Also on the same website (Forum)

Jean replied. – Old 3rd December 2010, 22:19

Dotterel – Can’t help with an image, but there is an interesting article in the Daily Express, Wednesday May 14, 1940. Dotterel evacuated from Amsterdam the Polish, British and French consular staff as well as civilians and press correspondents. The civilians included a chap called Sam Wadsworth who was said to be a former football international. Morley Richards was the Express’s Staff Reporter in Amsterdam and he describes how 300 people crept out of Amsterdam by ferry as the German paratroopers were landing, boarded darkened coaches and then went aboard the Dotterel. Richards and many others slept on a straw mattress in the forepeak hatch. Richards said that five on the crew were youngsters on their maiden voyage. The journey could have been a disaster, but an RN ship saved them from a German aircraft attack.

Many thanks to Billy1963 and Jean from the same website Forum, much appreciated.

Louis Deniol Broughton was awarded the Gallantry Award, Kings Commendation for Brave Conduct:-

Forces War Records – First Name: Louis Dieniol

Initials:  L

Surname:            Broughton

Nationality:         British

Rank:     Chief Officer

Gallantry Awards:

Kings Commendation for Brave Conduct

Award Details:   Awarded for brave conduct when their ships encountered or were attacked by enemy ships, aircraft, submarines, mines, torpedoes etc including subsequent events such as rescue of crews, bravery whilst in lifeboats etc.

Gazette Info: – Gazette Date:    29/07/1941

Louis’s mother Ellen was to live to the age of 85, I believe her death is registered in Holywell, in the September Quarter 1961.( Holywell  Flintshire Volume: 8a Page:422).

Loui Deiniol Broughton in the England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966, 1973-1995

Name:  Loui Deiniol Broughton

Death Date:        7 Mar 1941

Death Place:       Leicestershire, England

Probate Date:    21 Jul 1941

Registry:              Liverpool, England

According to the Index of Deaths recorded in 1941, (In Folder) Louis’s birth was the same date and month as his death – i.e. 7th March on his birthday.

BROUGHTON, Loui (sic) Deniol  of 260 Welford Road, Clarendon Park, Leicester died 7th March 1941 at sea.   Administration Liverpool 21 July to Breda Rose, Widow.

Marriage of Horace James BROUGHTON, Louis Deniol’s brother:-

Whitechapel Parish Church (Parish Registers) in the Parish of Chedditon, , Yorkshire. – Page 59 No. 118 31st May 1930 Horace James BROUGHTON, 28, Bachelor, School Master, Church View, Hawarden, Joseph BROUGHTON (Dec.) Engineer & Lucy Kathleen HIRST, 29, Spinster School Mistress, Roselyn, Westfield, Wylie, James Ramsden HIRST, Painter.   (After Banns)

Witnesses:- Gertrude HIRST, Ellen BROUGHTON, J.F.O.U. JONES? And J.R. HIRST.

Louis Deniol Broughton, would have been married only a few years before he was killed at the age of 29 years, and at some point after Breida Rose must have emigrated to Canada.   However, someone from his family was still here to make sure his name is remembered forever and put his name forward to be added to the Roll of Honour in Hawarden.  He is also remembered on the Hawarden Grammar School Roll of Honour which is in the School Hall of Hawarden High School.


Please read this in tandem with the “Personal Notes” of  Joseph Horace Broughton below:-

“This is a copy of the original ‘Personal Notes’ meticulously prepared by Joseph Horace Broughton on 24 Dec 1906. The document lists all three(3) of Joseph’s wives and children. It should be noted that there are apparent inaccuracies: First wife Eliza Marriage Date should read 1872. Birth Years for daughters Sylvia and Amy, respectively should read 1872 and 1875.”  Steer75 originally shared this on 26 Aug 2016

Also :- Joseph Horace Broughton Letter – 29 Nov 1984 – Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street, London, England.

“Response from the Freemans regarding an enquiry by Mrs. Mabel Chivers(nee Green) for information on her grandfather Joseph Horace Broughton regarding his past association with the Freemans.” – Steer75 originally shared this on 19 Aug 2016

Taken from the Steer Family Tree of (Steer75) Ancestry.  Many thanks to them for the very personal letters.

Lois Deniol is also remembered on the Hawarden Grammar School Roll of Honour, please click on the link to read his story. The Roll of Honour was dedicated at Hawarden Grammar School on the 3rd February 1951 with a Remembrance Service for the 47* former pupils who died in the 1939 – 1945 World War.  As recorded in the Chester Chronicle Saturday 10th February 1951.   I hope that his family were able to be there to see his name  and that he would be remembered for perpetuity.






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