Naylor, Stanley Carr

On the Clwyd Family History Society Website for Memorials, Stanley Carr Naylor is said to have died on the 21st January 1944, and was the son of Stanley Carr & Matilda Naylor, his age was given as 25 years old.

As I cannot find Stanley on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission database, I cannot confirm any of this information, except his age and parent’s address, however, further research has shown that Stanley died of TB, probably about 3 or 4 days before being buried on the 19th January, 1944, possibly  -15 – 16th January, age 25 years.  His death is registered in Hawarden (Flintshire (Mold) HAW/29A/16).   I also believe, after more research, that his father was John Carr Naylor who died in 1918, possibly the year that Stanley was born.   I do not know where the author of the War Memorial list got the information, but I am indebted to him or her for the information of this soldier and others.

His burial is recorded at St. Mary’s Church, Broughton – Burials

Page 36 No, 282 Stanley Carr NAYLOR, Meadow View, Broughton, 19th January 1944 age 25 years.

His death certificate states that he was a Sapper in the Royal Engineers and as he was 25 years old no parents were noted but a J. Naylor recorded the death.

I believe that his parent’s, if I am correct, was John Carr & Matilda Naylor, (nee Winward) and they married in a Civil or Registrar Attended Ceremony in Chester in 1911(Cheshire West ROC/57/50).

Stanley’s father’s death was in registered in Hawarden in 1918, (Flintshire (Mold) HAW/11A/58), this would have to be purchased to confirm/deny.

I believe that Matilda remarried many years later, either to a relative of John Carr Naylor or simply

coincidently, a gentleman named James Naylor.    They married in St. Mary’s Church, Broughton on the 26th December 1931, James was a Bachelor age 36 and a Farm Labourer, his address was given as 1, Newton Road, Ellesmere Port, his father unknown, but his mother was Mrs. Annie Dutton.

Matilda was now age 39, and a widow, her address was Meadow View, Broughton, her father was Richard Winward (Deceased) a Railway Worker.  One of the witnesses was Frederick Winward, who, I believe, was Matilda’s brother, who had served in WW1 and who’s father was said to be Richard Winward, which connects Matilda and Frederick.

As John Carr Naylor and Matilda married in a Civil Ceremony, I cannot find any details, a Marriage certificate would have to be purchased, so I cannot compare the father or lack of on both certificates.

I have no news of young Stanley’s early life and childhood and he is a mystery, so any information would be gratefully received as he needs to be remembered for the sacrifice he made.

The 1939 National Register (Taken on the 29th September 1939) shows James and Matilda living at Meadow View, James’s date of birth was given as the 8th June 1896 and he was a Farm Labourer, Matilda’s date of birth was give as the 16th July 1892.   There is a closed record as well, but that could be pursued if needed by a relative.

They we were neighbours to the family of Thomas Verdun ROBERTS, who lived at No. 4 Meadow view, Thomas was to lose his life on the 27th June 1944 and is buried in Italy.  Please click on the link to read his story.

He could be “Brought in from the Cold” if we were able to get his death certificate and appeal to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, as his death could have been caused by war service, as it was TB, especially if he had been abroad and contracted it there.    I cannot find any Army papers for him at all, so he is an enigma.

However someone remembered him and added his name to the Memorial, so he was well loved.

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