Tregilgas, Allan Stewart

Allan Stewart Tregilgas was born in the September quarter of 1921, the son of John Pryce & Violet Tregilgas, (nee Davies), who had been married at St. Deniol’s Church Hawarden on the 12th May 1920:-

John Pryce TREGILGAS, 27 years, Bachelor, Engineer, Stone Row, Hawarden, William Henry TREGILGAS, Labourer &Violet DAVIES, 26 Years, Spinster,”Amberd,”Chester Road, Shotton, Benjamin DAVIES, Foreman, Platelayer. (After Banns). – Witnesses: – George Harold TREGILGAS & Florence Margaret DAVIES.

John Pryce Tregilgas’s brother George also married that year, on the 16th June 1920 at St. Ethelwold’s Church, Shotton.   He married Gladys May Stewart.

John & George Tregilgas are seen on the 1911 census living with their family at South Terrace, Hawarden, Flintshire.   Head of the household was William H. Tregilgas, 48, he was a Wood Machinist (Mining Engineer), born in Liverpool, Lancashire, his wife Eliza, 48 had been born in Hawarden, they tell us that they had been married 25 years and 13 children had been born to them but sadly they had lost 8 of those children.   John P. Tregilas was the eldest on this census, he was 20, single and an Iron Machinist (Mining Engineers), George, 15,  was an Errand Boy, Albert E., 13, and Louisa 8 were both at school and they made up the family.   On the 7th January 1915 they were to bury Eliza their mother, age 52 years. On the 14th January 1933 they were to bury their father William Henry, age 70 years.

Violet Tregilgas (nee Davies) was living with her family at 43, Bridge Street, Shotton, Flintshire on the 1911 census.   Head of the household was her father Benjamin Davies, 50 and a Plate Layer, born Holywell, Flintshire.  Her mother Elizabeth, 49, had been born in Shotton, Flintshire.  They tell us that they had been married 26 years and 6 children had been born, all still living.  Their children were Frederick, 19, single and a Labourer at the Steelworks, May Elizabeth, 18, single and a Dressmaker, Violet, 17, single and a Domestic Worker, Benjamin Walter, 14, was an Office Boy, Brenda, 12 and Florence 7 were at school, all the children had been born in Shotton.

I did find a John Pryce Tregilgas living at 13, Manor Road, Erith, Kent on the Electoral Records for 1919, but I do not know for sure it he is ‘our’ John Pryce Tregilas.

11 months after the marriage of John Pryce & Violet Tregilgas, the 1921 census was taken, on the 19th of June 1921, yet I cannot find them on this census.   I was able to find other members of the family in Hawarden & Shotton, but not the young couple, but by the September quarter they were back in the area as Allen Stewart Tregilgas was born in that quarter, so a little mystery.   If anyone has any information, it would be gratefully received.

I have no information on Allan Stewart Tregilgas’s early or teenage years, although John Pryce& Violet are seen on the 1939 National Register, which was taken on the 29th September 1939.  Allan Stewart may have been already in the Royal Navy.  Any information would be gratefully received.

The 1939 National Register shows that the family were living at 27 Yowley Road,Ewloe , Hawarden, Flintshire, Wales.    This source gives the dates of birth and the occupation of each person.    John P. Tregilgas had been born on the 8th September 1890 and was an Engineer Machinist.   Violet had been born on the 12th March 1894 and as most women on this register, who did not have job, were described as doing “Unpaid Domestic Duties.”   There were 2 closed or redacted records, probably young children and yet there was a young child – Hazel Margaret B. Griffiths* who had been born on the 24th March 1928 and was “At School,” but was entered on this register, but I do not know why.

*Hazel had been born in the June Quarter of 1928 in the Birkenhead registration district with the mother’s maiden name of Beecroft (Birkenhead    Vol.8a Page 688).   I do not know if she was related to the family or was she an evacuee?    Any information would be appreciated.

Allen Stewart was in the Royal Navy and by 1944 he was on the ill-fated H.M.S. Blackwood when it was part of the 4th Escort Group –

Ships hit by U-boats

Name    HMS Blackwood (K 313)

Type:     Frigate (Captain)

Tonnage              1,085 tons

Completed         1943 – Boston Navy Yard, Boston MA

Owner  The Admiralty

Date of attack    15 Jun 1944         Nationality:      British

Fate       Sunk by U-764 (Hanskurt von Bremen)

Position                50° 07’N, 2° 15’W – Grid BF 2622

Complement     156 officers and men (58 dead and 98 survivors).

Laid down as unnamed American destroyer escort (DE 4) of the Evarts-class, completed for the Royal Navy as frigate HMS Blackwood (K 313).

Thanks to

“On 15 June 1944, the frigate HMS Blackwood (Lt.Cdr. L.T. Sly) was on patrol as part of the 4th Escort Group in the west end of the English Channel to protect the ships of the Normandy landings, when she was hit by a Gnat from U-764 off Brittany. She foundered while under tow off Portland Bill the following day.”

The wreck lies in 60 meters of water in position 50º07’00″N, 02º01’06″W.”

Before the sinking frigates H.M.S Blackwood and HMS Bazely had been instrumental in the sinking of – U-600 which was sunk on the 25th November 1943, please see

The U-boat commander of U-764 surrendered on 14 May 1945 at Loch Eriboll, Scotland.  U-764 was sunk on 2 February, 1946 at 56.06N x 09.00W as a target.

Sadly Allen Stewart’s father John Pryce Tregilgas died on the 1st February 1944, 4 months before Allan Stewart was to lose his life, so his mother Violet was to suffer greatly, losing her husband and then her son within a few months.  I believe that Violet Tregilgas died in the June quarter of 1947 age 52 years.

Allan Stewart was very much loved by his family as they made sure that he would be remembered for perpetuity by adding his name to the Hawarden WW2 War Memorial

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