Hayes, William Victor

William Victor Hayes entered Hawarden County School on 14th September 1908 and  was listed  on the School Register. His date of birth was noted as 22nd June  1897.  The address was Crown Vaults, Buckley.  The Father’s occupation was ‘Innkeeper’.  His previous school  had been St. Mathew’s, Buckley.  A Scholarships of £6 was noted.  His leaving date was midsummer 1915. The register notes that his occupation was  ‘Engineer’.  Then poignantly in brackets it says (Killed in France)


William’s brothers, Frederick and Arthur were also listed on the  Hawarden County School Register. They had both previously attended St Matthews, Buckley and both lived at The Crown Vaults where their father was the Licensee. Frederick (born in 1892) entered the school on 14th January 1907 and left at Christmas 1909 to become an Assistant to his father. Arthur (born 1894) entered the school in September 1907. He left in midsummer 1910 or 1911 to become a Clerk in the ironworks.


William Victor is also remembered on the Buckley War Memorial, please click on the link to read his story.

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