Edwards, Thomas

Thomas Edwards was born in Mold. We have found it difficult to find out much about his life before he joined the army. We know that he had a brother named Peter. There is an index card for Thomas in the  Flintshire Roll of Honour in The County Record Office in Hawarden.  It gives the address 63 New Street, Mold and the card was signed by Peter Edwards of Long Row, Maes y Dre.

UK Soldiers Who died in The Great War 1914 -19 accessible on  gives us the regimental details at the top of this page. It also tells us that he enlisted in Mold and this source tells us he was killed in action. This source also tells us about his DCM.

His Medal card also on Ancestry lists his 3 campaign medals but does not mention the DCM. It states that his first Theatre of the War was France and he entered it on the 2nd December 1915. It adds that he was killed in action on 31st July 1917.

The Register of Soldiers’ Effects in which the Army calculated what monies were owed to deceased soldiers includes an entry for Sgt Thomas Griffiths. Three payments were  made to his sole legatee – his brother Peter. These included a war Gratuity. Peter received £60 ..5sh ..6d in total.


UK, Citations of the Distinguished Conduct Medal, 1914-1920



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