Davies, Herbert

Herbert Davies was born in Manchester during 1898.

The 1901 Census tells us that the family lived at 54 Reather Street, North Manchester. The head of the family was William Davies who was born in Wrexham, aged 42 and employed as a Labourer in a local Oil Works.  His wife Ann aged 44 and their three children – Ann Davies aged 19, an Oil Sheet Maker, Elizabeth Davies aged 7 and Herbert Davies aged 2 years.

By 1911 the family had moved to live at 110 Gunson Street, Oldham Road, Manchester.  William Davies was still employed at the Oil Works.  His wife Ann had secured employment in a Solicitor’s Office as a Cleaner. They eldest daughter Ann was now married and had left home.  Elizabeth Davies aged 17 was employed as an Oil Sheet Maker for the London and Glasgow Railways.  Herbert Davies was 12, a Schoolboy.

By 1913 William had died and the rest of the family now lived at 18 Blackburn Street, Rochdale, Manchester.  There is no record of them ever living in Flintshire.

On 11 February 1920 payments of £8.16s.1d were made by the War Office to Ann Davies (mother), Elizabeth Davies (sister) and Ann Davies (sister), being monies owed to Herbert Davies. This payment included a War Gratuity allowance of £22.10s.0d.

There is no Flintshire Roll of Honour card for Herbert Davies at the County Archives Office, Hawarden. Details of his medals were obtained from



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