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To start Emory Doel’s story we will go back to the 1891 Census for Canada on which shows that Minnie Minor (Emory’s mother) was  living with her family in Sub District Monck, Wainfleet, Ontario. The head of the household was Edward Minor age 33 born 11th August 1858 in Ontario a Farmer by trade, his wife  Almira, age 34 born 24th March 1857 in Ontario and  their children Minnie age 11 born 18th November 1880  and May age 5 born 24th July 1886.

The 1901 Census for Canada shows that the Minor family was still living in Wainfleet, Ontario. Edward Minor was Head of the household, age 42. His wife was  Almira aged 44.  The listed children were May aged 14, and two new additions to the family. Alexander was 8  and was born  on the 11th September 1892.  Also listed was Grandson,  Emory Doel age 5 born 15th January 1896. Minnie Doel was no tlisted with the family as she had married William Doel on 12th July 1895 when she was sixteen years of age.

The Doel family also came from the same district. The 1891 Census for Canada shows that they also lived in Wainfleet. The Head was Samuel Doel age 48.  His Wife, Martha was 44. Their listed  children, were David  22, Robert  20, Nellie a 17, William (Emory’s father)  15, Lusie age 15, Samuel  11, Mollie  9, Maggie  7 and Mabel  4.

Unfortunately I have not been unable to trace William Doel on any Census Forms after this date, however I came across a Public family Tree on and contacted the owner of the tree to ask for any information regarding Emory’s father. This was her reply.

I wish I could help with some photos – unfortunately I have none. I will inquire though within the family.

Have tried to find Emory’s father a few times with no luck. What I will do now is start entering his family members to my tree and try to follow the movements of his siblings to see if he shows up anywhere. My guess has always been he joined the exodus that went to Buffalo and Michigan in the US. Many of Minnie’s family members went to the US.

I have received further information from Marlene the owner of the Family Tree on

I’m pretty sure I found Emory’s father William Doel up until 1915 living in the Bronx, New York. Prior to that he was living in Buffalo, NY from 1896 (the year Emory was born). In 1921 Emory’s mother Minnie listed herself as a widow – cannot find a death record in the state of NY between 1915 and 1921 for William Doel. Note that William used the spelling Dole after arriving in the US. I made some notes if you browse the tree. Also note William is an ironworker which helps confirm the change in spelling.

It’s not a great story unfortunately but I did find it interesting following William and his siblings. Considering Williams’ conduct, who knows what he did when he learned his son died of pneumonia in a military hospital far from home.

Emory had an uncle that was drafted (I believe rather than enlisted) on 12 Sep 1918. He is a brother to William – Samuel b 23 May 1880 in Wainfleet, Welland County, Ontario.

At the time of his draft for service, Samuel was living in Niagara Falls, New York. He was a patrolman and married to Melissa Ann Bennett. I don’t where he was 6 weeks later when Emory died, nor do I know if he returned home alive.

The reason that Emory was living with his Grandparents in 1901 was that his Mother, Minnie is shown on the 1901 Census for Canada as living as a Domestic Servant with a Single status age 20 at a District called Haldimant & Monck which is a Sub District of Wainfleet Ontario. The Head at this address was Louis Reeb, age 50 and his sons were Albert and Edward. This would have enabled Minnie to see her son as well as providing accommodation, as it appears that her marriage was unsuccessful.

On the 1911 Census for Canada we find the Doel family was still living in Wainfleet. The family was comprised of Head, Edward age 53 his Wife Almira age 54, Alex, Son age 18 and Emory Doel Grandson age 15.

The 1911 Census also shows that Minnie Doel (Emory’s mother) was still living with the Reeb family as a Domestic Servant age 31, her Marital Status is shown as Legally Separated. The Head of this household was still Louis Reeb age 61 and his son Albert was also in residence age 30.

Emory Doel’s army records tell us that he  enlisted into the Canadian Expeditionery Force on 22nd March 1918. He gave his trade as farmer and had a Single Status.  He named his Mother, Minnie Doel as his Next of kin and her address was Port  Colbourne, Ontario, Canada. He completed his basic training in Canada.

Emoryembarked for England on The S.S. Durham Castle and arrived on 25th September 1918, when he was posted to Whitley Camp. As hostilities were coming to an end, Emory was then  posted to Kinmel Army camp in Rhyl.

Sadly Emory contracted Bronchial Pneumonia,and was admitted to the Canadian General Hospital on 19th October 1918 where he became dangerously ill and died on 23rd October 1918. Emory was 23 years of age when he died.

(From Library and Archives of Canada  Service Files of 1st WW 1914-1918).

Kinmel Park Camp was a segregation camp used to house Canadian Soldiers awaiting repatriation to Canada after the end of WW1. Unfortunately the conditions at that time were extremely harsh with a lack of every kind of commodity, the camp was overcrowded and the services were poor, there were shortages of clothing, food and blankets. As a result of this situation, a vast number of servicemen and women became ill and many succumbed to the Influenza Epidemic or complications associated with this infection.

He is buried in St. Margaret’s Cemetery, Bodelwyddan.

Emory Doel is commemorated on the Canadian Virtual War Memorial.

Learn more about the other soldiers on the Bodelwyddan Memorial

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