Jones, William

William Jones was born circa 1890 the son of Ann Jones, I believe, a single lady, and is seen on the 1891 census for the first time living at FFyddion, Whitford, Flintshire with his Uncles, John Jones,40, who was head of the household and a farmer and his brother Daniel, 35, an Agricultural Labourer.   Also in the household was William’s mother Ann Jones, their sister, who was age 38 and a Domestic Servant with her children Mary , 6, Edward, 5 and young William age 11 months.    There was also another Nephew, a William Edwards, age 10, all had been born in Whitford, Flintshire, and all only spoke Welsh.

The 1901 census see Ann Jones and her son William living at Cae Lloc, Whitford, Flintshire.   Ann was head of the household, single, 49 and no occupation was shown, William was just 10 years old. Ann had signed the census with her Mark, X, so she had not written out the census.

The 1911 census show us that William had moved to Liverpool, to 37, Adelaide Road, Kensington, Liverpool, he was in the household of Daniel HUGHES and his wife Mary, 1 son and 1 daughter, William JONES  was a Boarder, 21, single and Draper Salesman in General Drapery, born Whitford, Flintshire.

I found his Attestation Papers and he enlisted in the Territorial Force on the 3rd June, 1912.   They tell us he was 22 years and 1 month.   His Trade  was as a Draper’s Assistant.  His address was  37, Adelaide Road, Liverpool.

His Medical Inspection on Enlistment showed that he was 5 feet 6 and ½ inches, his Chest Measurement – Girth when fully expanded 35 and ½ inches, range of expansion 2 and ½ inches.  Vision – Good,  Physical Development – Fair.   Considered fit for the Territorial Army on the 3rd June 1912 at Liverpool.   Approving Officer signed on the 4th June 1912 at Liverpool.

There was a receipt for William’s British War & Victory Medals signed with an X by Ann Jones on the 16th July 1921.   Witnessed by P. (or T.)  OWEN

A List of William’s personal effects dated 23rd November 1915:-

1 Pipe in Case

1 Diary



Letter to Territorial Records at Preston from the War Office, London dated 25th July 1916 to say that any personal property now in their possession and subsequently received by them belonging to William was to be sent to Mrs. A. JONES, Tan-y-Rhallt Farm, Lloc, Nr. Holywell, N. Wales., the same for any medals granted toWilliam.

Statement of the Names and Addresses of all the Relatives of the above-named deceased soldier in each of the degrees specified below that are now living.

It was on this paper that we know that Ann Jones was his mother, and he had 2 half-blood siblings, Ed. Jones (sic), 32, Tanrallt Farm, Lloc, Nr. Holywell and Mary Jones, 35, 35 Scamlier? Wen Farm, Newmarket, Flints.    His mother must have been living with Edward, her son, as her address was the same.    There were no full-blood siblings.

Declaration was written out and signed by his brother, Edward JONES, Tanrallt Farm, Lloc, Holywell on the 2nd May 1919 and witnessed by Ellis DAVIES, Clerk in Holy Orders, Whitford Vicarage, Holywell.

Correspondence regarding William’s Plaque and Scroll addressed to Mr. A. JONES (sic), Tanrallt Farm, Lloc, Nr. Holywell.

Paper signed by William, agreeing to subjecting himself to liability to serve in the event of a National emergancey.   Signed at Tunbridge Wells, on 29th October 1914.

The Casualty Form (See below) is quite faded and smudged but show he Embarked Southampton  1st November 1914.   Admitted to Hospital on the 23rd November 1914 Baillant?   24th November 1914 Flat Foot. (The copy is not very clear, but if you would like to contact the website I can send you a copy or it’s on

Rheumatism 28th November 1914 Transferred to Camp (Unable to read name of camp) Wounded and missing 16th June 1915.

Next Paper – Statement of Services

Attested 24th May 1912 Private
Camp 1912 – 14th July 1912 21st July 1912*
Embodied Service Pte. 5th August 1914 – 15th June 1915
Missing 1th June 1915.
Died on or since 16th June 1915
Form signed on the 22nd May 1916 at Preston.
*As Territorials, the soldiers had to attend Camp every year.

Military History Sheet.
Home – 24th May 1912 to 4th August 1914 – 2 years 73 days.
Embodied 5th August 1914 to 31st October 1914 – 88 days
Embarked for France 1st November 1914 to 16th June 1915 – 228 days.
Total 3 years 24 days.
T.F. Service –Home – 2 years 73 days
Embodied Service – 316 days.
Names & Address of Next of Kin – Ann Jones, Tanrallt Farm, Lloc, Holywell

There is another address that looks like – 12 Kesington Road, but cannot make out the other 2 words of the address.  Writing very faded and crossed out.

William Jones in the UK, Soldiers Died in the Great War, 1914-1919 confirms his regimental details above and tell us that he was born in Holywell, Flintshire, his residence was Kensington, Liverpool and he also enlisted in Liverpool.

William Jones in the UK, Army Registers of Soldiers’ Effects, 1901-1929 tells us that on or since the 16th June 1915 death had been presumed.   Sole Legatee was his mother Anne who received £4 12s 5d on the 25th July 1916 “For maintaining Soldier during infancy and childhood.”*     She was also paid £3 for his War Gratuity on the 25th August 1919.

*I have never seen that written on those Soldiers Effects Books before.

William Jones in the British Army WWI Medal Rolls Index Cards, 1914-1920 does not tell us where his first Theatre of War was, nor when he entered it.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission additional information: Son of Ann Jones, of Tanrallt Farm, Hoe (sic), Holywell, Flints.

William’s Flintshire WW1 Index Card (Whitford F3), confirms his Regimental details and his Period of Service as – (1 year  crossed out) “About 3 months” written.   “Has had the 1914 Star”   “Missing early since Midnight November 22/23 1914.”  Card signed by Ellis DAVIES* on the 10th October 1919.

*I believe that this is the Vicar of Whitford who was assigned to distribute and collect the cards for the Whitford Parish on behalf of the Memorial Committee (Gladstone Family).

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