Bramfield, John James

John James BRAMFIELD was born circa 1884, and is first seen on a census in 1891, living at Pentre, Hawarden, with his mother Mary A. Bramfield, 43, and born in Liverpool, who is described as a Spinster by the Enumerator, her 2 sons, Samuel, 19, single and a General Labourer, and John James were both born in Hawarden.

The 1901 census shows the family living at 8, Chemistry Cottages, Saltney, Queensferry., Mary was still head of the household, 51 and her place of birth was given as Knotty Ash, Lancashire. Sons Samuel, 29 and single, and John James 17 and single were both now Chemical Works Labourers and both born in Mancott, Flintshire.

On the 1911 census Mary Alice Bramfield is living at Broughton Hall, the local Workhouse as an Inmate, age 58 and Single, a Servant born in Knotty Ash, Lancashire.   I believe that Mary Alice died in 1913 (HAW/07A/74)

John James was to marry in a Civil Ceremony in Holywell, in 1912 (HOL/35/99), where his name is given as BRAMFALD, his bride was Charlotte Ann MARTIN.

There were to be 2 children born to the couple, their first child, John James BRAMFIELD (born 30th March 1913? Deceased 13th March 1916 age 2 (see Death Cert.* in his service records) and their 2nd child Edward JAMES born 14th May 1916, just after his father, John James, was killed.   So Poor Charlotte was to lose their eldest child on the 13th March 1916, her husband John James on the 25th March 1916 and give birth to their 2nd child Edward James (no doubt named after both his father and brother) on the 14th May, meaning Edward James never knew his father.   I wonder if John James (Snr,) knew about his son John James’s death before he died.

* Death Certificate, which was in John James’s Army Records, shows Baby John James’s Grandfather Edward MARTIN as the informant and in attendance at his death, 17 Evans Street, Flint. Also error by registrar of Baby John James’s name, he was shown as Edward James, but this was corrected by Registrar on the front and back of the certificate. Baby John James died of Convulsions and Bronchitis

In excerpts of his Army Records, there is a letter regarding the Death Certificate being returned to the Registrar at Holywell as the name was wrong, it should have been John James and not Edward James as stated on Death Cert. – Date stamped 3rd April 1916 Infantry Records Office, Shrewsbury.

Next Paper:- Memorandum asking Mrs BRAMFIELD (Mother) if she had another son called John James BRAMFIELD as the Death Certificate stated that the death was of Edward James BRAMFIELD.   It was addressed to Mrs. J.J. BRAMFIELD who was his wife and the answer was to say that her son who died a fortnight ago was John James BRAMFIELD, and there was no other son.   Very confusing!

Next paper:-

Widow of the Soldier:- Charlotte Ann BRAMFIELD 21, Evans Street, Flint.

Children of the Soldier:- Edward James BRAMFIELD, 21 Evans Street, Flint

Brothers of Soldier – Full Blood. Samuel BRAMFIELD 45 21 Evans Street, Flint

No Sisters ( Full Blood. of the Soldier.

No Half-blood Brothers or Sisters

Form signed with the mark of Charlotte X on the 2nd day of September 1919 at Flint. Justice of the Peace Jas. GRIFFITHS signed. Sea View, Flint..

Descriptive Report on Enlistment

Height 5 feet 4 and 1/2 inches     Weight:- 10 stone 4 lbs.

Chest Measurement when fully expanded:- 34 inches, Range of expansion 2 inches.

Name and address of next-of-kin:- Charlotte A. BRAMFIELD, 21, Evans Street, Flint. Wife.

Date of Marriage 28th September 1912.

John James Joined at Llandudno 27th April 1915  – Less than a year later, John James has died.

17th Batt. RWF Attested Pte. 26th April 1915

17th Bn Died of wounds (Received in action) Pte. 25th March 1916.

John James brother Samuel was living at the same address as his widow, Charlotte, at 21, Evans Street, Flint. when the Army papers were signed by her in 1919.

There is a death of a Samuel Bramfield in 1942 (HOL/49/88)

Commonwealth War Graves Commission Additional information: – Son of Millington Roberts Bramfield and Mary Alice Bramfield, of Sandycroft, Chester; husband of Charlotte Ann Bramfield, of 20, Roskill Square, Flint.

I am beginning to think that she made up Millington Roberts BRAMFIELD as her husband, as I cannot find him anywhere on any census from 1881 to 1911.

No Flinrtshire WW1 Index Card, neither “Fallen” nor “Living”.

Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914 – 1919   Royal Welsh Fusiliers Volume 28 – 17th Bn BRAMFIELD, John James. Born Queensferry, Flintshire. Enlisted Flint. 25937   Pte. Died of Wounds France & Flanders 25th March 1916

COUNTY HERALD, 7th April 1916 – Roll of Honour – BRAMFIELD, Private John James, Bramfield, Royal Welsh Fusiliers of 21, Evans Street,Flint, Flintshire and formerly of Queensferry.

John James is remembered on the Queensferry Chemical Works Roll of Honour, which is a framed list of the workers who were in the War, but some survived.  This is in the Flintshire Record Office at Hawarden.

John James is also remembered on the Flint War Memorial.


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