Studley, Arthur

The 1891 census records Arthur living with his family at a farm called Caedia in Overton, Flintshire.  Head of the household was Edward G Studley 26, a Farmer who had been born in Ellesmere, Salop.   His wife Mary Elizabeth, 25 had been born in Wrexham, Denbighshire.   Their listed  children were  Arthur,3, Lilian 2, and Thomas, 7 months. All three had been born in Overton.  There were 4 servants in the household. Two men worked on the farm. One was a Wagonner and the other a Cowman. There were two female domestic servants including a 13 year old who was also designated as a nurse.

In 1895, Arthur’s mother Mary Elizabeth died.   (WrexhamVol. 11b, Page 195). It has not yet proved possible to locate her husband Edward G Studley or Lillian  on the 1901 census.  The two boys however, have been recorded in different locations.

In 1901, the census recorded that Arthur was living at his Grandfather’s farm in Dunstan, Overton. Head of the household was widower Thomas Studley a 57 year old Farmer. His son Herbert was 30 and his 13 year old Grandson Arthur was a Scholar. There were a number of servants both in the house and on the farm. (Housekeeper, Housemaid, General farm Labourer, Teamster and a Cattleman). Arthur’s brother Thomas was living at a different address in Whitchurch Road Bangor (on Dee) with his paternal Aunt Margaret E Williams and her husband Thomas Williams who was a Butcher.

The 1911 census records widower Edward Groom Studley, 46,  living with his sister Rosalie,36, and her husband Joseph Owen, 35, a Farmer, at Little Overton, Ellesmere, Salop.   Rosalie and her husband had 4 children. Edward’s stated occupation was ‘Coal Agent’.  The form tells us that Edward was the father of 3 children who were all living.  Where were they in 1911?

(A Lillian Studley aged 24 married Pharmacist Edwin Humphrey Francis Williams on 8th March 1913 in the Parish of Earl Acton, Middlesex. Her Father was Edward Studley, Farmer. Is it them?) .

In March 1910 when he was about 22 years old,  Arthur had sailed to Sydney, Australia from London on the RMS Orvieto. He was listed on the passenger list as a farmer. He went from Australia to New Zealand where his Aunt, Mrs E Studley lived in Marsterton.  (Masterton is a town in the North Island, NE of Wellington).  Arthur worked as a General Station Hand on White Rock Station, Martinborough. (Cattle or sheep station)

In 1914, Arthur joined the Wellington Regiment of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force. His Army Service Records are available to read if you follow this link.

His regiment left New Zealand on 15th October 1914 bound for Egypt. They left Alexandria on the 12th April 1915 for the Dardanelles and the hell that was Gallipoli.  After first being recorded as missing, Arthur was presumed killed in action on the 8th August 1915.

There is an index card for Arthur in The Flintshire Roll of Honour at The County Record Office in Hawarden. (Card Overton F23)  This card says he served for 11 months and that he was 10/168 Pte A Studley Nuahin Regiment, Wellington Regiment, New Zealand Forces. The card was possibly signed by Rosalie Owen – his Aunt, but it is difficult to decipher.

Arthur is remembered on the Chunuk Bair (New Zealand Memorial) in Turkey, The National War memorial in Wellington New Zealand, The War Memorial in Masterton New Zealand and on the Overton |Memorial .

Arthur’s brother Thomas had also died in the war. He is not named on the Overton Memorial but is listed on the Memorial at Bangor on Dee.  He has his own page on this website. Follow the link.






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