Roberts, Robert James

Robert James Roberts is not listed on the Gwernaffield Memorial but he is buried in the Churchyard at Gwernaffield (Holy Trinity).

We have not been able to discover much family history at all about this man. His Army Medical Records have survived and from them we can glean a few clues but any help would be appreciated.  His records record the name of his next of kin as his brother Isaac, whose address was given as High Street, Mold. An address that appears several times on Robert’s Army papers is The Nant, Rhydymwyn. Another address that appears once is Rose Cottage, Pantymwyn, Gwernaffield.

His Army Records tell a muddled and confusing tale. Robert was moved – transferred from one regiment to another several times.  He signed up in Flint  into The Royal Welsh Fusiliers in December 1915 and posted in January 1916 when he was aged 42 . His Trade or Calling was recorded as ‘Farmer’ although on another paper it says his last employer before joining the army was The Munitions Works at Queensferry. He never served abroad but he spent some time at Brecon where exposure to rough and wet weather contributed to and aggravated his deteriorating health. Bronchitis was first diagnosed in October 1917. He was discharged on the 19th February 1919 suffering from chronic bronchitis. The medical officer pronounced that his degree of disablement was 20%. Sixteen months later he was dead.

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