Williams, Charles

Charles Williams is named on two memorials in Sychdyn. The main one at the Bowling Green and also the one in Bryn Seion Chapel. We believe that this soldier is the same Charles Williams who is named on the Rhosesmor Memorial.  Follow the link to read his story.

The Register of Soldier’s Effects (in which the Army calculated moneys owed to deceased soldiers) includes an entry for Charles Williams. It confirms his death date and place and it lists the  3 Legatees that shared the money he was owed. These were his brother John, his (married) sister Annie Parkinson and a Miss Lizzie Wright. Who was Lizzie Wright?

We have located an Elizabeth Wright, born in 1895, who lived in Sychdyn. She was the daughter of coalminer Samuel Wright and his wife Emma. This was a Welsh speaking family who quite possible attended Bryn Seion Chapel. This is tenuous but is the only link with Sychdyn we can establish. Was she his fiancee?

More information.

We now know for sure from her niece Cynthia Hughes (nee Lovelock) that Lizzie Wright who was her Great Aunt  had once had a fiance named Charles Williams who had been killed in the first World War. Cynthia had inherited the engagement ring from that sad relationship. She treasures it still and allowed us to photograph it.  Lizzie eventually married Joseph Jones and they continued to live in  Sychdyn in the old long Welsh Cottage that was in the field where the Green Acres Estate now sits. They were known as ‘Jones the field’.

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