Cotterill, Tom

COTTERILL, Tom (May be named on Connah’s Quay & Shotton as C, Cotterill and St. Ethelwold’s Church as G. Cotterill) (G.T. COTTERILL named on the Bangor Civic Society Website as being on the Bangor Memorial of all the parishes of Flintshire, under Sealand.)

There is a G. COTTERILL on the St. Ethelwold’s Church Roll of Honour.   This Soldier (G. COTTERILL) was named on the St. Ethelwold’s Church Screen which is in the Lady Chapel to the left of the Alter.   However he is not on any other local memorial i.e. Connah’s Quay/Shotton or Hawarden. Unless he is the Tom COTTERILL named on Hawarden War Memorial

I think this might be him.

In the Mold, Deeside & Buckley Leader dated 3rd October 1924, a list of the men honoured on the St. Ethelwold’s Church War Memorial was published.   On that I couldn’t find a G. COTTERILL, but there was a John COTTERILL named, is this one and the same man? Or did the reporter print the wrong name?

Note – On the CWGC Website and on Tom’s page, underneath the citation is the Grave Registration Documents – Graves Reports (Finals) and on this Tom’s initials are given as G. F. and said to have died on the 29th September 1918, but on the Grave Registration Documents – Registers he is said to have died on the 27th September 1918.

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