Thomas, Joseph

There is a marriage in Birkenhead at St. Peter’s Church in 1895 (BK10/1/409)between George Thomas and Isabella Williams, could this be their marriage?

Joseph Thomas was born about 1884, son to George & Isabella Thomas.   On the 1891 census they were living at 7, Robert’s Row, Saltney, Chester (Hawarden).   George, 40, a General Labourer had been born in Dodleston, Cheshire. His wife Isabella, 32, had been born in Chester.  Their listed children were  Jane, 13   a General Servant,  Thomas 10, Joseph 7 and Samuel  3  were all scholars, and had all been born in Saltney.

The 1901 census is a bit of a mystery. It is possible that Joseph 18, was listed  living at Dygley Farm, Bretton. Hawarden, Flintshire as a Servant. He was a Carter on the Farm and had been born in Saltney. (This is  educated speculation. There is no real proof that this is ‘our’ Joseph Thomas).  Head of the household was Susannah Mitchell, 84. The rest of her household consisted of  her son John Deter,  his wife, Martha and their child Thomas.  There was another servant,  Rebecca Reynolds 64.

In the 1901 census,  Joseph’s parents were recorded.  George Thomas, 55 a General Labourer and his wife Isabella, 52  were living at Victoria Row, Saltney, Hawarden, Flintshire.  A visitor James Price, 21 a General Labourer from Shropshire was listed in the household on census night. It has so far proved impossible to find all the children apart from the possible listing of Joseph above.

The 1911 census shows the family together living at 1, Victoria Road, Saltney.  George, 62 and Bella, 52 stated they had been married 30 years and 9 children had been born to them, 3 of whom had sadly died.  The listed children were  Joseph, 28, Samuel, 23 Robert, 20 and William, 17  ( all single and General Labourers)  May, 15 was “at Home” and a General Servant. Also in the household was George’s brother Thomas  52, a widower.

UK, Soldiers Died in the Great War, 1914-1919 accessible on  confirms Joseph’s regimental information as above and tells us that he was born in Leech (Lache?) Cheshire and enlisted in Chester. His medal card also on ‘Ancestry’  details his medals and also tells us that his first Theatre of War was France and he entered it on 20th December 1915 and that he was Killed in Action on 26th August 1916, just 9 months later, age 32.

There is an index card for Joseph Thomas in The Flintshire Roll of Honour at The County Record office in Hawarden. (Cards Saltney Ferry F 31). It gives the address 1, Victoria Road, Saltney and it confirms his regimental details as above. It simple says ‘Deceased’  The card  was signed by Isabella Thomas on the 7th November 1919.

George & Isabella were to lose a second son in the conflict.  Robert (please follow the link to see his page).

Their other two sons, William and Samuel also served in the war and survived although William seems to have been made disabled.  They both have index cards in The County record Office.

Flintshire WW1 Index Cards (Saltney Ferry L 208)
Thomas, William, 1, Victoria Road, Saltney. 1334 Cheshire Regt. Private  Special Remarks:- Disabled ( No period of service).   Card signed by William Thomas 7th November 1919

Flintshire WW1 Index Cards (Saltney Ferry L 209)
Thomas, Samuel,, No. 1, Victoria Road, Saltney, 616589  217 Emp. Coy.  Private  Period of Service 4 years 5 months.   Card signed by Samuel THOMAS 5th November (No year)





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