Williams, John

The Flintshire Roll of Honour card tells us that he lived at The Stones Berth Ddu, Rhosesmor. It says he ‘Fought on Cambrai Front. Died of wounds 18th september 1918 or soon after in the battle of Garrincourt’  This card was signed by Peter Williams (father) and J C Brown

The memorial in Rhosesmor tells us he was John Williams RWF Berth Ddu

The 1911 census places John Williams aged 31 lead miner -borer in Pant y Ffrith Rhosesmor (Bert Ddu is in the close vicinity). He was married to his wife of 1 year Maggie Williams who was 27 yrs.

There were very many John Williams,s killed in the war and it has been quite difficult to confirm all these details. We believe that there are enough coincidences to justify all these facts but there is a chance we have got it wrong.

Allen Blackwell and Charles Williams who were step brothers and who both appear on the Rhosesmor memorial had a sibling called John Williams. We don’t know if this John Williams was that sibling. can anyone help?

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