Wright, Edward

Born c1898

Son of Joseph and Elizabeth Wright, of Eccles, Manchester.
Nephew of Ellen Wilson, Redcliffe, Victoria Avenue, Prestatyn.

Served on HMS Lavender

The 1901 census provided by Ancestry places Edward, who was born about 1898, in the parish of St. Andrew, Eccles, Lancashire. At home were his father Joseph, aged 32, and a platelayer on the railway.  His mother Elizabeth was 31, Mary was 7, Alfred 5, Edward himself was 3, and Beatrice Ellen was 3 months old.

The next census, in 1911, finds the family at 136 Renshaw Street, Patricroft, Lancashire.  Joseph is 42, and a labourer for Manchester Corporation.  Elizabeth is 39, Mary is 17, Edward is now 13 and described as a schoolboy and newsboy.  Beatrice Ellen is 10, and since the last census, Frederick age 6, and Frank age 4 have been born.

From the U.K. Royal Navy Registers of Seamen’s Services, 1853-1928, available on Ancestry, we know that on 2nd August 1915, Edward signed up for 12 years, at Davenport. His occupation was given as “working at Pierces cotton mill.” He was 5’ 4” tall, with brown hair, hazel eyes, and a fresh complexion.  He also had three tattoos, a cross, a heart, and an anchor.

His first ship was the Vivid, on which he served a further three times. He also served on the Impregnable, the Lancaster, the Cedric, the Colleen, and lastly the Lavender, from 6th June 1916 until 5th May1917, when the Lavender was sunk.

On the website Ships hit during WW1, HMS Lavender is described as a sloop, the GRT was 1,200 tons, and she was built in Britain in 1915 by A McMillan & Son Ltd, Dumbarton. She was operated by the Royal Navy.

N 5th May 1917, the Lavender was sunk in the English Channel by a torpedo from the German submarine UC 75, the Johannes Lohs.  The attack was south of Mine Head, and the exact location is given in degrees. She was commanded by Lieutenant Commander S. L. Dorman, who was “killed when vessel lost under his command.” In total, 22 lives were lost.

In the U.K. Royal Navy and Royal Marine War Graves Roll 1914-1919, it is stated that AB Edward Wright, born 2nd August 1897 was “killed or died as a direct result of enemy action”. His body was not recovered for burial, and his age was 19.

His parents and his aunt, Ellen Wilson of Victoria Road, Prestatyn, were notified of his death.


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