Stephenson, Edgar Molyneux (Stevenson)

Edgar Molyneux Stephenson was born on the  26th May 1893His family lived at ‘The Stores’ Northop Hall. The son of Joseph and Jane Stephenson. Edgar appears on the 1901 census aged 7. The family at that time lived in Warbeck Moor, Walton, Liverpool. The father Joseph was 50 and a clothier born in Liverpool. His wife Jane was 46 and a confectioner (an employer) also born Liverpool. The children listed were Mary 25, Frances 18, Gladys 15, Joseph 12, Jane 10 and Edgar 7. There were three boarders and a resident servant who was described as an ‘assistant confectioner’.

The previous census of 1891 was done before Edgar was born and the family lived at 100 Delamouth St Kirkdale, Liverpool. The father Joseph was then listed as  a 40 year old clothier’s salesman. Jane was 36 and the children were Mary L 14, George M 13, Frances G 18, Gladys 5, Joseph 2, Jane 3 months. There was one male boarder.

So far, we have not been able to locate the family in the 1911 census.

Soldiers Who died in the Great War 1914 -19 accessible on tells us that Edgar enlisted in Northampton.

The Register of Soldiers’ Effects, accessible on in which the army calculated what monies were owed to deceased soldiers, includes an entry for Edgar. It confirms he was killed in action on 10th June 1917 and it says payments were made to his siblings in December 1917. The following siblings each received 6shillings and twopence

George M, Joseph B, Eleanor Hinns, Mary L Roberts, Gertrude Neggott, Gladys Hoggett and Jane (some names were tricky to transcribe and may not be quite right)

A further payment of £4..10sh was paid by way of a War Gratuity in February 1920 to sister Mary Roberts

Unusually, Edgar left a will (again details accessible on ancestry).The entry reads
Stephenson Edgar of Rose Bank Northophall, Northop, Flintshire. Private H M Army, died 10 June 1917 in France. Administration London 14 November to George Meadows Stephenson Team owner. Effects £470.

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