Dad’s Army in Northop Hall

    James Samuel Stretch was a Cheshire man, born in 1890, who came to live in Northop Hall. He had served in World War 1 in the Royal Field Artillery and after that war worked as a gardener at Highfield Hall where he lived with his wife Mary, firstly in one of the estate properties and then later in Malvern Villas. In World War 2 he was a sergeant in the local Home Guard. This Platoon Roll Book is one of his possessions that has survived through the years. The list of names will be of interest to a number of local families. We are grateful to Sgt Stretch’s grandaughter, Edna Hughes for sharing it with us.





    Edna also kindly let us scan the official Enrolment and Appointment Card that belonged to her father in law Mr Ishmael Dolbyn Hughes of Northop Hall who was a Fire Guard in World war II

    Fire Guard Northophall copy

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