Peters, Edward Owen

 Edward was born in 1900 in Leeswood, Mold, Flintshire. He was the son of Willian and Eveline Peters of Queen Street Leeswood. The 1901 census places the family there. The head of the family, William was a 30 year old joiner. His wife Eveline was 26 and their children were listed as  Gertrude 6, Violet 4, Edward O 1 and Violet 1 month ( There were not two Violets.  The older of them should say Gladys)

The 1911 census finds the family still at the same address. William was still a joiner, aged 40. Eveline was 36 and four children were living at home and all scholars,  Gladys 14, Edward Owen 12, Violet 10 and Emily 8. The form tells us that Eveline had given birth to 6 children and they were all still alive.

Edward’s Army Service Records exist and are accessible on  There is a very indistinct letter dated 18th September 1917 from the Recruiting Medical Board which seems to be instructions following a tribunal, telling him to attend for medical inspection. (Had he appealed against conscription?)

That medical took place on 2nd October 1917. The report from that tells us that he had been a grocer’s assistant and that his preferred Service was The Royal Navy (obviously ignored). He was approved for service and declared medically fit.

He arrived in France on 4th April 1918. Was reported ‘missing in the field’ on 27th May 1918. He was taken prisoner on that same day and taken to the prisoner of war camp in Cassel in Niederzwahren. He was admitted to the camp hospital on 12, August 1918 suffering from diarrhoea.  He died on 31st August 1918 from dysentry. He had no personal effects and had left no ‘last directions’.

One form tells us that his mother Eveline was awarded an allowance of 7/4d payable until 3rd February 1919. The records include communications with the father concerning receipt of medals and commemorative plaque and scroll.


Peters E C 04

Edward Owen Peters

Peters E C 07



Peters E C 02


Grifach (?) Help Committee
Camp of Prisoners of war             Cassel (Germany)

Company                                           Section ______________

Date Sept 3/18
Dear Madam
I regret to report the death of your son 91416 Pte Peters DLI who passed away in the camp hospital on Aug21/18.
He was buried today in the cemetery attached, the service being read by Sgt Sparge (chaplain). Many of his comrades attended his funeral.

Yours faithfully

R Pincham CCM

Peters E C 01

From:-The Colonel in Charge,
No 1 Infantry Records

To:-Mr W peters
Queen Street
Leeswood, Nr Mold

No 1 Infantry Record office York
14th April1920

With reference to your late son No 91416, Private E O Peters, 1/5th battalion, Durham Light Infantry, who was reported to have died from dysentry 31.81918, I beg to forward herewith for your custody certification of death received from Germany.

I am,
Your obedient servant

G H Leary (?) Capt
For Colonel
i/6.No 1 infantry Records

Peters E C 06 (1)

Notification of a case of death
in the hospital of P/W Camp Cassel in Liederzgehren
Signed: illegible. Signature of Doctor

I. Particulars of the deceased

1 Nationality  British
2. Surname Peters
3. Christian name Edward Owen
4. Rank Pte
5.Rgiment S.D.L.I
6. Date and place of birth 8.5.99 Leeswood Flintshire
7. Home address Queen Street, Leeswood nr Mold
8. County Flintshire
9. Occupation merchant
10. Religion Unknown
11. Single or married. single

II Of the wife of the deceased.

The five points are left blank as N/A

III The Father of the deceased

1. Occupation William
2. Full Christian names Unknown
(the above two clearly in the wrong order)
3. Living or deceased Living
4. Home address Queen St Leeswood, Nr Mold Flintshire

IV The Mother of deceased

1Christian name Evelyn
2.Maiden name Unknown
3.Living or deceased living
4. Home address Queen St, Leeswood, Near Mold, Flintshire

Remarks Section 24 Row 8 Grave 16
Registry Office Liederzwehren 19 November 1918
Registered under 575/1918 of the Death register.
Liederzwehren 1.9.18

Signed Walger
Sgt Major and Commander of the camp

The Registrar 
signed for Brode

1 Place and date of capture 27.5 18 Naisy
2. Date of admission 112.6.18 from the field
3. Have the relatives been notified Yes on 31st August 1918

No Effects
No last directions.

Peters E C 05

Many thanks to Katrina Pipes, the Great Niece of Edward Owen Peters, who kindly shared these documents with us.

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