Roberts, Dorothy Florence Monica

I found Dorothy when I added Hawarden on to the “Additional Information” into the search on CWGC on the 8th November 2020. Remembrance Sunday.

The reason I am interested is she was married to T. Roberts from Hawarden, and she should be remembered by the villagers, but I have had difficulty finding her husband although I have a few clues, but nothing substantial.

However, it seems the RAF Forums on does give us some information but not how Dorothy died and any more information re her private life.   This is what is on her page on the said website above: –

“Circumstances of Death: Dorothy Florence Monica ROBERTS is one of the 6.21% of the airmen from the Second World War, whose cause of death is not known. Can you add details on how he died? That being said, 93.79% of the airmen killed during WW2 now have a cause of death established.”

The one thing we know is that her death was registered in Wiltshire and that is where she is buried.  See her Gravestone below.

She was stationed, I believe, at Colerne R.A.F. Station

RAF Colerne from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ; – Royal Air Force Colerne or more simply RAF Colerne is a former Royal Air Force station located on the outskirts of the village of Colerne in Wiltshire, in use from 1939 to 1976.

There is a marriage of a Dorothy F.M. Dayly and Tom Roberts in the September quarter of 1929 in Essex, is this the right couple?   (Epping Vol. 4a  Page 1349 – The district Epping is in the county of Essex).   Is this “our” Dorothy?

Sadly I have no certain information for Dorothy, except that she was the wife of T. Roberts from Hawarden.    If anyone has any information that might help identify Dorothy and her connection to Hawarden it would be gratefully received so her sacrifice is not forgotten.



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