Lawson, Cyril

I found Cyril Lawson on CWGC database using “Saltney” as a clue on the 8th November 2020.  I am not sure that this is the real C. LAWSON, but if it isn’t then he needs to be remembered anyway.   His parents may have moved to Pentre by the time the CWGC were starting to do the gravestones and cememteries, don’t know, as my research finds he was connected to  Connah’s Quay and Shotton.   However Shotton was once part of West Saltney, as was Pentre, in earlier censuses.

I am working on the assumption that he is the right one, if anyone knows anything about him, we would love to hear about him.

Cyril Lawson was born in the December quarter of 1928 (Hawarden Vol. 11b Page 299, the son of John  and Hannah Lawson(nee Buckley), who had married in St. Mark’s Church, Connah’s Quay on the 18th May 1918.    John Lawson was 25 years old, a bachelor and Labourer, his abode was 81, Chester Road, Flint and his father was George Lawson, a Blacksmith.    His bride was Hannah Buckley, age 18 and a spinster, who lived at 8, Fron Road, Connah’s Quay, her father was William BUCKLEY, an Ironworker.    They married after Banns.  John Lawson had been born in Christleton, Chester, and had his banns published there.

The 1921 census shows John & Hannah Lawson living at 4, Parkhill Road, Connah’s Quay.   John was now 28 years 2 months old and had been born in Christleton, Chester, he states he is an Ironworker at J. Summers & Sons, Shotton and he is working at home, but most were out of work through the Coal Miners strike, so perhaps that was why he put that.   Hannah Lawson was now 21 years 6 months old and born in Connah’s Quay, and their children were John at 2 years 4 months and George William at 1 month.

The couple had already got a little family when Cyril was born, with John Lawson, born in the March quarter of 1919 (Holywell Vol. 11b Page 278).   George W. Lawson born in the June quarter of 1921 (Holywell Vol. 11b Page 370).   Eric Lawson was born in the March quarter of 1924 (Holywell Vol. 11b Page 308) and Ronald Lawson born in the September quarter of 1925 (Holywell Vol. 11b Page 323).

The next time we see John Lawson is on the 1939 National Register (Taken on the 29th September 1939), he was living at 14 Rowden Street, Shotton, Flintshire, and this source tells us the dates of birth.   John Lawson had been born on the 12th April 1891 and he was a Steel Works Gas Man, Heavy Work and married.   However his wife Hannah is missing.    Cyril’s brothers are on this, Eric Lawson had been born on the 11th February 1924, he was a Painter’s Assistant and single.   Ronald Lawson was born on the 15th July 1925, a Barber’s Assistant and single.   There were 2 Closed or redacted records and the National Register tells us :- ”For individual people, records remain closed for a century after their birth (the 100-year rule), unless it can be proven that they passed away before this milestone.”    Cyril would have been about 11 years old in 1939 and probably one of the redacted or closed records.

I do not know if Cyril enlisted as a Regular in the Army or was part of National Service which in 1947 was 2 years whole time service.    Any help to tell Cyril’s story would be appreciated.

However, I couldn’t find anything about Cyril and what happened to him, so I wrote to WW2talk on ,and asked what Cyril might have been doing and this is one of their replies (davidbfpo), many thanks for their help:-

“The March 1948 Royal Engineers Journal refers to 1019 Port Operating Company. From the first article, on pg.11, in the issue on a bridge’s removal near Hamburg:

There is a thread here too that refers to them as a Port Operations Company on D-Day.

I note another member of the unit died a month before. From: Alfred Adams and Casualty Details | CWGC note a Royal Pioneer Corps officer died the day before and is buried next to him. From: Casualty Details | CWGC.   – davidbfpo.

So it appears that Cyril was involved in the dismantling of Artlenburg Bridge over the River Elbe and perhaps there were casualties involved with the dismantling.

I looked Alfred Adams up on CWGC: –

Also the Officer who died the day before Cyril died:- CAPTAIN L.O. HILLIER, Service Number: 163253, Royal Pioneer Corps, Date of Death – Died 14 September 1947, Buried or commemorated at HAMBURG CEMETERY, 9A. G. 4.

I have been unable to connect Cyril to Pentre/Sandycroft, so if anyone knows anything more, please get in touch, so we can get his story straight.   If he doesn’t belong here, he should still be remembered somewhere, for his sacrifice.

I have since been able to find a Casualty Card for Cyril, It explains that he died of Encephalitis – Hepatitis on the 15th September 1947 after being ill in the 94 (Hamburg) British Military Hospital (B.O.A.R.) for 3 days, first recorded on the 13th September 1947 as admitted to the hospital with Infective Hepatitis.

Cyril must have been very much missed, all the more so because of his youth, he was only 18 and the war was over, as can be seen from the inscription on his gravestone and they made sure his name was put forward for him to be remembered into perpetuity.   Any help to tell his story and make sure he is remembered would be much appreciated.


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