Foulkes, Anthony

I was asking WW2talk on about an Ernest Foulkes who is on the WW2  war Memorial, when one  of the Forum members – CLl , found Anthony and asked were they connected, he was on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website and CLl kindly sent me a photograph of his grave in Connah’s Quay Cemetery.   So I set about researching him.

Anthony Foulkes was born according to his baptism on the 10th July 1898 in St. Mark’s Church Connah’s Quay on the St. Mark’s Church Baptisms Register on the 10th December 1896, the son of William Thomas and Louisa Foulkes, but was Baptised on the same day as his brother, Samuel Harding Foulkes who had been born on the 8th May 1898, their address was Tavern Row, and William Thomas was a Sailor.

However, on the Custom House Lane Infants School Admissions Register his date of birth was the 6th December 1896 and incidentally also on his Maritime Identity card, the same date was entered.   The Register states that he entered school on the 8th July 1901 and his father’s Christian name was William, address, Tavern Row.

I do not know when his parents were married or where, any information would be gratefully received.

I have no information of Anthony’s early years but he was to go to sea as his father did and he earned a  Certificate of Competency as Master  for Fore & Aft Rigged Foreign-Going Vessels only on the 4th day of July 1923

Next time we see Anthony is when he marries Sarah Constance Thomas on the 26th December 1931, Anthony states he was a bachelor,25 and a Chief Engineer, living at “Sweet Briar,” Howard Street, Connah’s Quay and his father was William Foulkes, a Master Mariner.  Sarah Constance Thomas, was 29, a Spinster, who lived at 31,Mold Road, Connah’s Quay, her father was John William Thomas a General Merchant and they married by Licence.     The witnesses were Anthony’s brother Donald Foulkes  and John Bythell Thomas, Sarah Constance’s brother.

I do not know when  Anthony was to be the Master of the Mary Kingsley but there is a Certificate date stamped – British Consulate General – Hamburg , 1934 – Anthony was Chief Officer on this and his physical description is:- Height – 5feet 8 inches, Eyes, – Grey, Hair – Dark Brown and Complexion – Fresh.

There is another but there is no date stamp but a written date on the reverse, except that he was Third Mate and his description is:- Height 5 feet 11 inches, Eyes – Grey, Hair – Black.   However on the reverse is written :- “Prepared from RSI 24431 (Anthony’s Merchant Navy No. ) – 27th July 1942.”

His Identity Card shows him as a 3rd Mate on 2 voyages, one in January 1919 and the other in May 1919, his photograph is on that one.

His Casualty Card tells us that he had lived at “Inglenook,” 16,  Mold Road, Connah’s Quay and implied he died at that address on the 5th August 1946, age 49 years.   It does not state what he died of but the Commonwealth War Graves Commission has added him to their database, so I can only assume it was through his war service.   He was Master of The “Mary Kingsley,2 and it was registered in Liverpool.

Anthony Foulkes was obviously loved but for some reason his name was not put forward for the Connah’s Quay & Shotton WW2 War memorial, perhaps the family thought that as he hadn’t died within the war years, he could not go on, but the Commonwealth War Graves Commission cut off date was 31st December 1947.   He is on that.   Sarah Constance Foulkes lived to be 96 years old, she died on the 1st December 1998 and the epitaph on the grave was “Reunited – You left us memories we are proud to own,” which tells us that she never married again, a true love story.

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