Rehoboth Welsh Congregational Church WW1 Roll of Honour

    Apologies for the poor quality of the photo, taken by me 2nd August 2016, the lighting spoils it.

    I found out about this Roll of Honour whilst looking in the Imperial Museum Memorial Project Website –, it is described as a large framed and glazed Roll of Honour, illuminated with drawings and hand written, it is held in the Flintshire Record Office, Hawarden, Ref:-N/94/1.   The names are of the men from the church who were in the war, of them 4 died, 3 of whom are on the Connah’s Quay & Shotton War Memorial, the other 1, E.R. LLOYD is, as far as I know, not on any other War Memorial, so at least he has been found and his name is remembered, but sadly I know nothing about him, if anyone knows who he might be, please get in touch and lets bring his story to the fore.


    Thomas WILLIAMS   L/Cpl  8th R.W.F.                              Wounded – Discharged

    George DAVIES,       Pte    8th R.W.F.                              Gibraltar

    David WILLIAMS      Pte    8th  R.W.F.                             Discharged

    Richard DAVIES       Pte     8th R.W.F.                              Discharged

    Wm. John THOMAS   Pte     8th R.W.F.                Mesopotamia – Died of Fever

    Samuel GRIFFITHS   L/cpl   8th R.W.F.                                   Discharged

    David G. THOMAS   Pte.     8th R.W.F.                                   Mesopotamia

    Robert JONES           Pte.     8th R.W.F.                                   France

    Thomas WILLIAMS  Trooper   Denbighshire Hussars            France – Wounded

    William WILLIAMS    Pte     8th R.W.F.                                  France

    Wm. Talwyn DAVIES Pte     8th R.W.F.                                   Mesopotamia

    Thomas JONES           Pte     South Wales Borderers (4th)         Mesopotamia

    Evan GRIFFITHS        Pte     9th R.W.F.                                   France – Wounded

    Gregson JONES Pte Royal Welsh Guards                 France – Killed in Action

    Tegid DAVIES Cpl 10th R.W.F.                                  Prisoner of War

    Edward ROBERTS      Pte      11th Cheshires               Salonica – Wounded & Prisoner

    David THOMAS          Sgt Major Cardiff City                        France – Killed in Action

    David ROBERTS         Pte  Denbighshire Yeomanry                        India

    E.R. LLOYD                Pte       10th R.W.F.                           France – Killed in Action

    Aneurin DAVIES          Pte       1/5 R.W.F.                             Egypt

    Elias WILLIAMS          Pte       1/5 R.W.F.                             Egypt

    William J. DAVIES        Pte       L.F.                                        Discharged

    H.J. THOMAS              Pte       12th R.W.F.                            Discharged

    John THOMAS             Pte        A.O.C.                                   Southampton

    Bottom-Left                                                               Bottom -Right

    John Samuel ROBERTS, Pte, R.W.F.                        Brynmor THOMAS, Pte., R.W.F.

    Also Bottom-left Thomas D. THOMAS, Pte.,R.W.F.

    “Mewn anghof ni chant fod”



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