County Herald 12th December 1919   Page 6 Col 7


    Mr. Fitzpatrick said that the local committee in connection with the Lord Lieutenant’s County War Memorial had completed their record as far as they possibly could, but in case anyone was left out, he asked the Press to be good enough to assist the Committee, and to ask if any individuals had been passed over would be good enough to communicate with Mr. Fitzpatrick.   The Committee was most anxious that no one should be passed over.   He would like to say that he had official assurance from the County Committee that next to Rhyl, Connah’s Quay had done more work than any other district in the County (hear hear).   As Hon. Secretary of the District he thanked the members of the Committee who had done so well.     

    County Herald 16th January 1920   Page 6 Col 6


    The official record of service of all men from Flintshire who served with the forces during the war is nearing completion.   The President of the County Committee is Mr. Henry N. GLADSTONE, the Lord Lieutenant, and there are 53 Local Committees, from most of which returns have been received.   The person named in each verified record or if he has not survived, his next-of-kin, will be presented by the Lord Lieutenant with an illuminated scroll.   The presentations are made at public gatherings.    Such a meeting was held at the Hippodrome, Connah’s Quay, on Wednesday night, last week, and another took place in Queensferry Council School on Saturday.

    Kindly given to me by John Coppack, many thanks to him. 

    MOLD, DEESIDE & BUCKLEY LEADER 3rd October 1924 

    To Wepre Lodge Fallen Oddfellows 

                In perpetuation of the memory of their comrades who fell in the Great War, the members of the Connah’s Quay branch of the Loyal Wepre Lodge of Oddfellows decided to erect a suitable tablet in their lodge room, Central Buildings, Connah’s Quay.   Voluntary subscriptions were invited, and the ready response enabled the officers to procure a tablet which is in every respect appropriate.

    The dedication and unveiling of this tablet was carried out on Saturday afternoon, and the service was attended by relations of the fallen, members and officials of the local order from Flint, Saltney, Hawarden and surrounding districts, who were attired in regalia.

    The dedication was to have been carried out by the Rev. E.J. Davies, the Vicar of Connah’s Quay, but he was called away to Liverpool at the eleventh hour the duty was undertaken by Rev. J.J.J Robinson, Vicar of Shotton*.


    In opening the ceremony the Rev. J.J.J. Robinson recited a verse which, he said, he thought very appropriate.   “They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old, age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn; at the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.”   Then followed the singing of ” O God, our help in ages past,” the congregation standing.

    “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends,” recited the Vicar of Shotton, “And whosoever this gospel shall be preached in the whole world there shall also this be told for a memorial for them.”   The Vicar then said: “We dedicate this tablet, a token of our love and gratitude, to the glory of God and in glorious memory of: J.F. JONES, N.OWEN, O.MORROW, T.L. JENKINS, W.JONES, G.T. ROGERS, S. BENNETT, J.E.JONES, G. CANNON, S. ROBERTS, E.P. GRIFFITHS, R. LATHAM, W. BRASSINGTON and J.PARRY.   Also to the honour of 97 brothers who served in the Great War, who at the call of King and Country left their peaceful callings and went forth to uphold the sovereignty of God, to maintain the liberty of nations, and to defend the sacred heritage of our fathers; and who, on the battlefields of the Great War, made the supreme sacrifice.

    The vicar then made a short address.   He said he had profound admiration for the excellent work carried on by the various friendly societies, not only during the war, but for generations past.   They deserved all praise and all thanks, and that splendid tablet would never let their present members forget what their fallen brothers had done for them.   At times it seemed as though there was something in our nature which made us forget, but we would never forget the noble, sacrificing deeds of those brave lads.

    The Provincial Grand Master ( Bro. Richard Hallows), in unveiling the tablet, said he had no desire to speak about the war, but only a few words about what the Order had done.   When the war broke out 111 of their members responded to the call.   As the war progressed the Lodge kept a record of their doings as far as was possible, and tried to keep in touch with them.   As bad news came through of their killed and wounded brothers they did their utmost to comfort those in trouble, and in this respect the Lodge did much good and useful work.   That tablet was not the only one erected by their Society, for they had many.   Connah’s Quay was late with theirs, but the fault did not rest with them.   They did not realise at first what they owed to these heroic men.   As an outcome of the war they had adopted a Unity Orphan Gift Fund, and he might say that in their own district they had made an application on behalf of three orphans and he was glad to say the applications had been successful.   The receipts in connection with that fund amounted to £59,792,   In the expenditure were gifts amounting to £56,101 to 231 orphans.   At their last A.M.C. meeting these were grants made to 65 orphans to the value of £13,971, and two orphans of their district, received grants.

    Bro. Benjamin Hughes, of Shotton, said he regarded it as an honour to take some active part in the proceedings and to offer to the fallen his homage.   The tablet had been subscribed for voluntarily, and he was sure it would always remind them of what had been done for those who remained behind.

    Mr. S. Parry, Shotton Police Station, a Military Medallist, also spoke a few words.

    Bro. Williams, of Flint, a brother of Dr. Neville Williams, gave the last address, and their meeting was brought to a close.    Mrs. W. Priestnall, of Shotton, was at the organ.

    Later in the afternoon the relatives and friends were entertained to tea by the officers of the Lodge.

    * The Archbishop of Wales & James J.J. Robinson carried out the dedication of the Memorial Screen in St. Ethelwolds Church, Saintstide, (31st October)1924.(see below)


     MOLD, DEESIDE & BUCKLEY LEADER 3rd October 1924 

                The Vicar (Rev, J.J.J.Robinson) is anxious to push on the War Memorial Chapel, which is to form a portion of the parish War Memorial.

    He is doing his utmost to this end, and hopes to see the chapel soon completed.   Names of the fallen will then be inscribed in a suitable position in the chapel, and the dedication and unveiling ceremony will take place.   So far the work has entailed much labour, and more support is needed.            The following names have already been sent in: –  Arthur BUNNELL, Samuel WELSH, Charles WILLIAMS, Robert SPEED, Benjamin DUTTON, Randall MORRIS, Albert GLENDENNING, Edgar ROGERS, Douglas ROGERS, Richard WILLIAMS, William MORLAND, Griffith JENKINS, Harry BULLOCK, Harry JONES, Frank MORROW, William ELLIS, William THOMAS, Fred SAVAGE, William John JONES, Percy BELLIS, Noel OWEN, James YOUNG, Albert WILLMORE, William ROBERTS, Chas. ATTWOOD, George ATTWOOD, John TOYER, Clarence IZZARD, Sydney MASON, Samuel MARSDEN, Samuel AMOS, Thomas BITHELL, George PITT, Alfred BAKER, Clwyd HUMPHRIES, George JONES, George TEAGUE, Alfred PRESTIDGE, John JONES, William DAVIES, Albert MATHEWS, James PETERS, Harry AUTEN, John.M. REES, Roland POOLE, Samuel YATES, John J. HUMPHRIES, Walter PARRY, Abraham FRIETH (sic), William H. JOHNSON, Thomas G. ROBERTS, William CAMPDEN, Thomas CAMPDEN, Albert DARBEY, Edward G. JONES, Albert HIPKISS, Zacharia SEVERNS, William HART, John Edward DARBEY, Arthur GRIFFITHS, Richard J. JONES, George CANNON, David JACKSON, John ROBERTS, Enoch CADDICK, James LEATHERBARROW, Alexander MARTIN, Leonard LIFLEY(sic), Douglas FORRESTER, Harry BROUGHTON, Isaac MORRIS, John TURNER, Joseph BURROWS, Frank JONES, Willia LOWE, Percy NADIN, Alfred CASTREY, Thomas FISHER, Percy NICHOLS, Charles WILSON, Charles BATTEN, Eric LEATHERBARROW, William WALL, Thos. STREFFORD, Jabez PAGDEN, Edward HUGHES, Fred TOMPKINS, Edward YATES, Samuel COOPER, George LAW, Roberts STEADMAN, Frank GARRATT, Frank OLDFIELD, William E.EVANS, Robert JOLLEY, Charles GREEN, John COTTERILL, Thomas HUGHES, Isiah BARNBROOK, John BARNBROOK, Joseph BARNBROOK, George COLLEY, Arthur J. EVANS, Albert ORGAN, William TOWNLEY, Charles WAINWRIGHT, Samuel WAINWRIGHT and George E. McCADDON

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