Jones, Ellis Davy

Ellis Davy (David) Jones was born circa 1896 in Waenfawr, Carnarvonshire, the son of David D. & Jane Jones who seem to have set up home with Janes’s parents, Samuel & Jane Morgan after their marriage in a Civil Ceremony at Caernarfon in 1877 (CAE/18/E40).   Their first child was named after Jane’s surname.

Ellis Davy’s first appearance was on the 1901 census, living at Glan y Gars, Waenfawr, Nr. Carnarvon,.

1901 census.   Head of the household was David, 43 a Slate Quarryman and all the family had been born in Waenfawr.   His wife, Jane, was 42. Son Morgan J., 22 and single was also a Slate Quarryman. Daughter Margaret, 20 was single.   Sons Samuel M. 15, was a Slate Quarryman, as well. Daughters Ellen,9, Kate 8 and Enid A. was 2 years old.   Son Ellis D. was 5 years old.

The 1911 census finds the family still at the same address, but written in Welsh, so apologies to all Welsh speakers for my ignorance.   David, 55,a Slate Player (Llech Chwarelwr) and Jane, 54 had been married 33 years and 10 children had been born, 2 of whom sadly died.   Daughter Kattie (sic), 18 and single was ” At Home,” son Ellis Davied (sic), 15 was single and also a Slate Player (Llech Chwarelwr), daughter Enid Ann,11 and son Davied (sic) Glyn, 7, was at school.

Ellis Davy Jones must have moved to Shotton or the surrounding district after the 1911 census, as I found him at home in Waenfawr, Carnarvon then, but he enlisted at Shotton, which, I believe makes him eligible be remembered, like others who came after the 1911 census and who I have been unable to find in the local area, but are remembered on our War Memorials.   I do believe that John Summers & Sons was a big draw for people to come to find work, although there were other industries in the area at the time as well.

I cannot find any Attestation Papers for him, but on the Ellis Davy Jones in the UK, Soldiers Died in the Great War, 1914-1919, which confirms his regimental information above, it also tells us his enlistment place was Shotton, while his birthplace was Carnarvon.

Ellis Davy Jones in the UK, Army Registers of Soldiers’ Effects, 1901-1929 states that the sole Legatee was his father David.

I cannot find any Medals for Ellis Davy Jones, but I did find the War Diaries for the day that he died.:- WAR DIARIES 4TH BN ROYAL WELSH FUSILIERS

6th April 1918 Fine. By 4 am “A” & “B” Coys were assembled for the attack along the bank to the WEST of AVELUY WOOD between the HALT on the ALBERT-MESNIL Railway and a point 600 yards due E of the MARTINSART Cross Road. “B” on the right, “A” on the left.   The attack was made a screen of scouts in front and was delivered in depth, each Coy. on a two platoon frontage.

Next page 6th April 1918 Cont… Coys advanced in extended order to the edge of the wood when small formations were adopted(Sections in single file).   Zero hour was fixed at 5.55am.   The attack failed owing to the intensity of the hostile M.G fire and the insufficiency of our own artillery barrage.   Having sutained very heavy casualties “B” Coy. fell back to their original line.   Two platoons of “A” Coy. succeeded in extending the line held by the left Bn (24 Londons) 70 yards S.W of the points at which the one C.T. entered the wood and silenced one enemy machine gun by bombing and killing the crew.   This position was held and consolidated.   As the other M.G’s were out of bombing distance no further advance could be made.   The situation remained unchanged throughout the day.

Next page 6th April 1918 Cont… At night “A” & “B” Coys occupied the communication trench which they deepened and improved..   The 142 Bde. with R.W.F. attached were relieved by the 106th Inf. Bde (35 Divn) the R.W.F and 23rd Londons in the centre sub sector been relieved by the 17th Bn Royal Scots.

At 7pm, before the relief took place a violent enemy barrage was put down behind our front line and on the village of MARTINSART , lasting 20 minutes, but no attack followed and the relief was carried out quickly of the Bn. Thus ended the most devastating day in the history of the Bn.

Casualties – Killed, Lt.N.I.WILSON, M.C;,Lt. W.G.JONES; Lt. J. WALSH; Lt. H.S.AXTENS; Lt. R.C.EVANS; Lt. T.E.JONES and 2/Lt G.H.WOODCOCK and 15 O.R’s.   Died of Wounds,- Capt. J.B. HOWARD and 1 O.R.   Wounded Lt. S.A. ALEXANDER; Lt. Y.A. CLAPPEN and 71 O.R’s   Gassed – 10 O.R’s.   Missing – 49 O.R’s..

It is possible that Ellis was one of the ones, gassed, wounded or missing on that day.

Any help would be appreciated.

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