Flintshire Observer 8th January 1920   (Page 5 Column 6)

    County Presentation at Connah’s Quay

    FLINTSHIRE HEROES HONOURED – (From our own Reporter)

    Last (Wednesday) night, at the Hippodrome, Connah’s Quay, the Lord Lieutenant of the county (Mr. H.N. GLADSTONE) presented the county certificates to the ex-servicemen.

    The presentations were made by the Lord Lieutenant, and the chair was occupied by Captain CHARLTON and he was supported by a large number of county and local gentlemen.

    Mr. FITZPATRICK* ( the local secretary) submitted apologies for absence from Sir J. Eldon BANKES, Mr. W.B. YATES, Alderman Trevor EYTON, Mr. H.A. TILBY and the Rev. Henry DAVIES.

    The Chairman said they were honoured in having the Lord Lieutenant with them that evening.   Flintshire was the only county in Wales that had presented to the ex-servicemen any mark of appreciation through a county association of their services.   Whatever they did for the sailors and soldiers they should do it thoroughly.   They heard complaints of men out of work who would appeal to all employers of labour if they had any job to offer to give preference to the ex-soldier.   The response of Connah’s Quay had been second to none in Wales.   Nearly 600 hundred men were on the list from that town (applause).   It was too large a number to present the certificates to at that meeting, and a selection of 50 had been made as representative of the whole.

    The Lord Lieutenant, ( Mr. GLADSTONE ), before presenting the certificates, referred to his county work and to the effort made to carry out duties fairly and justly to every man.   It was their duty to do justice to the men who had fought, for they could never be sufficiently grateful to them for the burden they carried.   It was extremely satisfactory to him to hear of the number of men from Connah’s Quay.


    Speaking of the present, he did not see why the new social conditions which had come about should not also bring about a more permanent feeling between employer and employee.   He felt convinced that employers as a whole welcomed with open arms the improved conditions of living which had come to stay.   Again expressing his appreciation of the services of the men of Flintshire, Mr. GLADSTONE said he was pleased to have got in touch with the men and to make friendships with labour and industrial leaders, which he much appreciated.

    Mr. E.G. EVANS read the address to the memory of the fallen and Mr, Jos. FORBER read the address of thanks and appreciation.

    Mr. GLADSTONE distributed the certificates to the men of the navy and army, among whom were a number who had won war honours.

    Mr. F. Ll. JONES proposed a vote of thanks to the Lord Lieutenant, which was seconded by Mr. C.E? WILLIAMS.

    Songs were contributed by Miss E. HUGHES, Mr. LODWICK and Mr. C. COPPACK.   Mr. Fred HENDERSON was the accompanist.

    * Mr. FITZPATRICK was the man who signed a lot of the Flintshire WW1 Index Cards for Connah’s Quay that are held in Flintshire Record Office at Hawarden.   He had been the Customs and Excise Officer and had lived in Bridge Street, Shotton.

    FITZPATRICK, William Michael

    In 1919 the GLADSTONE family paid to have the Flintshire Medal Index Cards printed and a record was supposed to have been made of every Flintshire man who served in the First World War. However I have found that lots of men were missed off the final list as some families had moved away and some just didn’t put the name or names of their lost relatives forward or didn’t return the cards. Most of these were signed by members of the Servicemen’s families, but quite a number were signed by William Michael FITZPATRICK, for what reason, I don’t know, at the moment, except that he was a Customs Officer, or had been and a Church Warden for St. Mark’s Church, I believe. However I found him on the 1911 Census (see below) with his family. Although he signed a lot of the cards, some of them were stamped with his signature and not written.

    1911 Census RG14/33966 Bridge Street, Shotton, Flintshire.

    William Michael FITZPATRICK, Head M 34 Officer of Customs & Excise, 2nd Class.   born Kiltoraght, Clare. (1877) 2 children born 2 alive.

    Annabel FITZPATRICK Wife M ( Married 5 years) 32 born Lowick Parish, Lancashire. (1879)

    William Bernard FITZPATRICK Son 4 born Shotton (1907)

    Fergus Jackson Brew FITZPATRICK Son 2 (1909)

    Bridget JACKSON Mother-in-Law Wid. 73 born Frankford, Kings Co. (1838)

    Frances Muriel DOWNES Niece S 15 born Southport (1896)

    County Herald 16th January 1920   Page 6 Col 6


    The official record of service of all men from Flintshire who served with the forces during the war is nearing completion.   The President of the County Committee is Mr. Henry N. GLADSTONE, the Lord Lieutenant, and there are 53 Local Committees, from most of which returns have been received.   The person named in each verified record or if he has not survived, his next-of-kin, will be presented by the Lord Lieutenant with an illuminated scroll.   The presentations are made at public gatherings.    Such a meeting was held at the Hippodrome, Connah’s Quay, on Wednesday night, last week, and another took place in Queensferry Council School on Saturday.

    Connah’s Quay U.D.C. General Purposes Committee – 8th January 1920 (UD/B/1/21)

    Item 40 – WAR TROPHIES – A letter was read from H.M. Lord Lieutenant, referred to this Committee by the Council. stating that the War Office were arranging for two machine guns to be forwarded.  –  Resolved that these War Trophies be accepted, and that these and other War Trophies received be stored at the Drill Hall, and that Mr. E. Ll. MARRIOTT be asked to kindly act as custodian of same.

    Item 42 – WAR DISTINCTION – Reference was made to the distinction earned by Lieut.-Colonel CRUICKSHANK, he having gained the Military Cross & D.S.O.  – Resolved that the hearty congratulations of the Council be extended to Lieut. Col. CRUICKSHANK.

    Item 43 – PROPOSED WAR MEMORIAL – Reference was made to this matter, and it was – Resolved that the same be referred to the Special Meeting of the General Purposes Committee.

    Connah’s Quay U.D.C. General Purposes Committee – 11th March 1920 (UD/B/1/21)

    Item 31 – WAR MEMORIAL – This matter was under further consideration, and the Clerk submitted correspondence which had taken place between himself & Sir Robert THOMAS. – Resolved that the further consideration of this matter be deferred until a future meeting of this Committee.





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