COUNTY HERALD – 18th April 1919 – SHOTTON

    Local Constables Demise. – News has recently been received in the district that Corporal Harold DAVIES has recently died from pneumonia in hospital “somewhere near the Rhine.”   Corporal DAVIES will be remembered as the local police constable in the Shotton district.   He was a single young man, only 26 years of age.   Previous to enlisting in H.M. Forces, he resided in King Edward Street, Shotton, and was stationed in the Shotton district for just over a year.   He joined the army in 1915, and was with the army of occupation at the time of his death.   He had been in France for over two years in the Military Police.

    COUNTY HERALD Friday May 9th 1919 

    Connah’s Quay -Proposed War Memorial 

    The returned soldier and sailor members of the Presbyterian Church have formed themselves into a committee with the view of erecting in the church a permanent memorial to their fallen comrades.   Mr. Douglas ROBB has been appointed secretary, and Mr. John NORTON, Tresurer.

    In connection with this work a cantata and sacred concert will be held at the Church on Sunday next when items will be rendered by Mr. T. ROBERTS, of Buckley (organist), Madame K.T.PETERS-HUGHES* (contralto) and Mr. J.P. COPPACK (Baritone).

    * Addendum by myself. – Sadly K.T.PETERS-HUGHES* (contralto) had also suffered greatly, as her husband Mr John Hughes, Connah’s Quay had died in the war.  He had been killed on the 18th December 1918.    She was to sing at the unveiling of the Plaque, news of which was in the COUNTY HERALD 9th September 1919.  Click on the link to read his story.

    Connah’s Quay U.D.C. Meeting 22nd May 1919

    Page 120, Item 9 – WAR MEMORIAL – Letters from the Clerk to Hawarden Parish Council and the Clerk to the West Saltney Parish Council, agreeing on behalf of the respective councils to joint action in this matter with this U.D.C. – Resolved that the letters be referred to the next meeting of the General Purposes Committee.

    Flintshire Observer (Page 6 Col. 1) 12th June 1919


    Welcome to Rivertown Ex-Service Men – On Tuesday Rivertown Congregational Church members gave the demobilised men of the Army and Navy who were connected to the Church a welcome home.    After tea a social was held in the Schoolroom.    The public as well as those associated with the Church, were invited to be present.   A pleasant time was spent.




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