FLINTSHIRE OBSERVER & NEWS – 23rd May 1918


    The “C.O.’S” Depart. – The Conscientious Objectors who have for some time been working under Home Office supervision at the local manure works, took their departure last week-end.   It is understood that their fellow-workers objected to their presence.   They have been sent to Wakefield and other places where there are Home Office work camps.

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    SKIPPERS TO BE HONOURED – A communication was recently received by Captains E. HUGHES and S. SHAW informing them that a date to be intimated later they are to attend Buckingham Palace to receive the D.C.M. decoration for bravery in the English Channel a few weeks ago when they replied to the attack of two submarines, sinking one and driving away the other.   Captain HUGHES was in command of ling vessel belonging to Messrs RENEYS, of Connah’s Quay, and Captain SHAW was in charge of a Barrow Vessel.   Both vessels were brought safely to port.

    Skippers to be honoured Flints. Obs. 23rd May 1918

    Liverpool Echo 8th June 1918



    Captain Edward John HUGHES and Captain Samuel SHAW who have been awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, are residents of Connah’s Quay, and are well known in Dee & Mersey Shipping Circles.   They were in charge of the Schooners “Mary Mandell” (owned at Connah’s Quay and “Mary Sinclair” (owned at Barrow).   After an encounter with submarines in the Channel in March, the enemy was beaten off and the crews were uninjured

    Hughes Connahs Quay 2 Liverpool Echo 8th June 1918

    Gallant Skippers – Flintshire Observer 5th September 1918

    Connah’s Quay

    Two Connah’s Quay skippers, Captain W.J. HUGHES and S.SHAW, who some time ago did meritorious work in a fight with enemy submarines, were commanded to appear at Buckingham Palace yesterday.   It is understood that it is the intention of the merchant shipping  authorities also to recognise the services of the skippers in a public way.   It would add interest and enable their friends and neighbours to show their appreciation if these subsequent honours could be bestowed in the presence of the local public.




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