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I couldn’t find a Flintshire WW1 Index Card, neither “Fallen” nor “Living for Wilfred.

With help from Christine Jones, who supplied me with all the Army Records shown below and to whom I am very grateful, I can now tell Wilfred’s story,   Up to the 1911 census, his family history is the same as his brother William Owen Parry, (please click on the link to read his story.)   However, on the 1911 census, and this would explain why he was on the Hawarden War Memorial perhaps, he was living at 14 Church View Pentre, Flintshire in the household of Timothy and Ellen Bungay, 2 daughters and another lodger.   Wilfred was single, 22 and a Takeroff on a Corrugating Machine, born Mancott, Flintshire.

Additional Information on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission database: Son of William Parry; husband of Sarah Parry, of 85, Mold Rd., Buckley, Chester.

Wilfred married Sarah Jones at Emmanuel Church, Bistre (C101/01/E459) on the 29th August, 1917.

His attestation papers dated 16th April 1917 stated that he was 27 years of age, not married, a Labourer ( Linesman) and that he was 5 feet 6 and 1/2 inches tall, his chest measurement was 38 inches with range of expansion as 3 inches (On his Medical History, his Chest measurement was 36 inches and range of expansion was 2 inches.) and his weight was 158lbs He also stated that he had served previously with the R.G.A for 2 years.   I cannot find any papers regarding that period.   Attestation dated 16th April 1917 at Brockhurst, Gosport, Also on the Certificate of Magistrate or Attesting Officer, dated 10th December 1915 was stamped “Joined from Army Reserve Class “B”.”   This confirms his earlier Army career.

His paper also stated his address was Wilmsow Terrace, Hawarden and his next of kin at that time was his father William Parry.   This was later altered to Sarah and his address was changed to 85, Mold Road, Buckley.

Their child, Linda Elizabeth Jones was born 25th July 1917 – born before ” the parties” were married, was stated in one of the papers, and later a pension of 20/5d was awarded from the 25th August 1919 after much “conversation” via letters from the Army to Sarah via the Police Station in Buckley during 1920, so how did Sarah manage?.

Wilfred was “home” from 10th April 1917 to the 16th October 1917 during which time he had married Sarah and his address was 85, Mold Road, Buckley, he was sent to France with the B.E.F. on the 17th October 1917.   He was then admitted to the General Hospital, No.39 – Le Havre from the 19th November 1918 until the 14th January 1919 when he was sent to No. 48 Casualty Clearing Station, Namur, Belgium.

Sarah’s request for further information on her husband.

A telegram had been sent to Sarah dated 15th February 1919 stating that her husband was dangerously ill with Broncho Pneumonia, but the Army “regretted permission to visit cannot be granted.” Sarah wrote to R.G.A. Dover asking for further info on her husband, but he had died on the 15th February 1919, bless her, how did they manage without “instant” information which people expect these days!

Wilfred’s property sent to Sarah on the 25th July 1919 consisted of Discs, letters, photos, clubcard case, 3 wallets, knife, cap badge, titles, collar badges, memorial card, greeting card, scissors, Parrs Bank cheque for £1.

Sarah also acknowledged receipt of his British War & Victory Medals December on the 8th December 1921. Letter re his Memorial Plaque and Scroll was dated 21st July 1920.

Wilfred is entered on the Absent Voter’s List of 1919 of the Mancott Township:- 1706   PARRY, Wilfred    Wilmslow Terr., H’arden 155493 Gnr., 127th H.B., R.G.A., P.A.  (No.3067 on the 1918 list), written by the side was – Died 15/2/19.

Army Service Papers can be seen on

After Wilfred died, his widow, Sarah re-married in 1925, to George Edward Welch* in a Civil Ceremony at Hawarden, (HAW/09/44) giving her address as still 85, Mold Road, Buckley, they were to have a daughter Norma Welch, who was a bridesmaid to Joyce Welch, Chris Jones’s mother-in-law, who has helped so much with Wilfred’s story. Thank you so much Chris.

* George Edward Welch was Samuel Welch‘s younger brother, Samuel also died, (please click on the link to read his story) and mentions in his letter’s Chris’s husband’s grandfather Len, who was another of Samuel’s brothers.









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