Poggi, Arthur R

Rupert was born in July 1897 in Waterloo, Lancashire and in the 1901 census he is recorded as living with his father George Artingstall Poggi and his mother Lilian Mary. At this time he had two older sisters Eva Mary and Mary Lloyd. The family lived in Seaforth, Lancashire and Rupert’s father was a wine and spirit merchant. His grandfather was the Rev Dominic Joseph Poggi who was born in Italy and who became the principal at New Brighton College.

By the time of the 1911 census Rupert was attending boarding school in Hertfordshire. It would seem that later on it was his intention to work in the city as by 1914 he was a member of the Inns Of Court Officer Training Company.

It was about this time that the family also owned a home in Cilcain, namely, The Nook, Pentre Road, which is still a home in the village today.

Ganwyd Rupert ym mis Gorffenhaf 1897 yn Waterloo, Sir Gaerhirfryn, ac yn ôl cyfrifiad 1901 roedd o’n byw efo ei dad George Artingstall Poggi ac ei fam Lilian Mary. Ar y pryd honno, roedd dwy chwaer hŷn sef Eva Mary a Mary Lloyd. Yn Seaforth maent yn byw a masnachwr gwin oedd ei dad. Mi gaeth ei daid Parchedig Dominic Joseph Poggi ei eni yn Yr Eidal ac pennaeth coleg yn New Brighton yr oedd.

Erbyn y cyfrifiad 1911 myfyriwr mewn ysgol preswyl yn Sir Hertford oedd Rupert. Yn nes ymlaen byddai’n ymddangos mai bwriad i weithio yn y ddinas Llundain gynno fo oherwydd fod yn aelod ‘The Inns Of Court Officer Training Corps’ erbyn 1914.

Tua’r adeg hon roedd y teulu yn perthyn tŷ yng Nghilcain sef The Nook, Ffordd y Pentre.

Rupert pictured as a young man at the Nook before the war
Llun Rupert fel dyn ifanc yn y Nook cyn y rhyfel

Rupert and his sisters
Llun Rupert gyda’i chwiorydd

The letter addressed to Rupert’s parents confirming that he was reported missing. Y llythyr ag oedd yn cyfeirio at rieni Rupert yn cadarnhau fod o ar goll.

Letter to Rupert’s father from his friend / Llythyr oddi wrth ffrind Rupert at ei dad


As Rupert’s body was never found the family were allowed to construct a ‘memorial grave’ in St Mary’s churchyard, just to the left of the upper gate

Oherwydd fod corff Rupert erioed ei ganfod roedd y teulu yn cael caniatâd i adeiladu ‘bedd goffa’ ym mynwent Eglwys y Santes Fair, ychydig i’r chwith o’r giât uchaf.


The letter dated 1927 confirming Rupert’s body had not been found / Y llythyr dyddiedig 1927 ag oedd yn cadarnhau nid yw corff Rupert wedi ei ddarganfod

Many thanks to Lorna Jenner of the Nook, Cilcain, and Rupert’s family for the photos and letters

Diolch yn fawr i Lorna Jenner y Nook, Cilcain, a theulu Rupert ar gyfer y lluniau a llythyrau


Lorna Jenner who was a great help in producing this page brought it to the attention of  a relative of Ruper Poggi. He sent the following e mail in reply.

Dear Lorna,
What an outstanding tribute to our fallen soldiers, wonderful what you all have done for them and so rewarding for the families, very impressed. After Rupert had gone my Grandfather gave his two daughters a gold ring to remember him by, not that they would need a ring, however, they have gone down the female line of the family and treasured by the girls as the “Rupert Rings”, my daughter Sue has one and my niece Helen in Ireland has the other.
Mention is made of Dr Poggi and his school in New Brighton, the school was burnt down in 1862 moved and then closed. There has been a shelter on the front facing the Mersey by Vale Park which has always been known locally as Dr Poggi’s Shelter, so I thought it should be named as such so on the 14thSeptember we are unveiling a Blue Plaque in his memory and to tell a little bit of local history, General Garibaldi had one or maybe two of his sons educated at the school, we hope the Mayor of Wirral will attend and two Brass Bands should be present, hope it keeps fine!
Very many thanks for the wonderful details I have forwarded them on to the members of the family who would be interested.
Hope to call in the summer,
Best regards,

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