There are 52 men and one woman named on the Hawkesbury Memorial. Most of them have been identified in the list below. Links are provided to some stories told in more detail.

Private Percy Brownhill, 14387168, East Yorkshire Regiment, died of wounds 21 July, 1944, Son of James and Bertha Brownhill (nee Langford), of Buckley, Bistre Emmanuel Churchyard

Fusilier Jonathon Baldwin, 4197761, Royal Welch Fusiliers, 8th Bn., killed by lightning, 9 June 1940, Bistre Emmanuel Churchyard grave 409, son of Samuel and Adelaide Baldwin of Stanley Road.

Petty Officer Gerald Croose, P/MX 93276, Royal Navy, HMS Polyanthus, 20 September, 1943, 21, Son of Norman and Janet Waring Croose; husband of Eleanor Muriel Croose, of Northop, Portsmouth Naval Memorial

Gunner William Davies,  4190907, Royal Artillery, 22 January 1942, 25, son of William and Elizabeth Davies, and husband of Kate A. Davies of Leeds, Alamein Memorial.

Cpl William Arthur Davies, 419829, Royal Welch Fusiliers, 7th Bn., 13 Oct 1944,    28, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Davies; husband of Menna Davies, of Betws-y-Coed, Uden War Cemetery, Netherlands

Able Seaman Harold Dyment, D/JX 335826, Royal Navy, HMS President III, 6 June, 1942, 19, Son of Harold and May Dyment, of Buckley, Plymouth Naval Memorial

Able Seaman Harry Edwards, D/JX 347623, Royal Navy, H.M. Submarine Stonehenge, 20 March, 1944, 21, Son of Frank and Sarah Edwards, of Buckley,  Plymouth Naval Memorial

Sergeant James Ellis, 1052736,    Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 3 May, 1944, 36, Son of Thomas and Eliza Ellis, husband of Noreen Bessie Ellis, of Buckley, Cheniers Churchyard, France

Guardsman Patrick Frederick Eaton, 4193347, Grenadier Guards, 10 April, 1945,  26, Son of John Frederick and Edith Annie Eaton, of Mynydd Isa, Flintshire, Rheinberg War Cemetery, Germany

Private Leslie Fletcher, 10532128, Royal Army Ordnance Corps, 13 Feb 1942, 21, Son of Samuel Fletcher of Saltney and Elizabeth Hughes, Singapore Memorial

Gunner Herbert Griffiths, 1438705, Royal Artillery, 23 June, 1944, 33, son of Frederick and Martha Ann Griffiths of Buckley, Orvietto War Cemetery, Italy

Ordinary Seaman Frederick William Harris, D/JX239116, Royal Navy, HMS Edinburgh, 2 May 1942, 22, son of William F. Harris and Sarah J.W. Powell of Liverpool, Plymouth Naval Memorial.

Driver Edgar Hewitt, RASC, son of Edward and Charlotte Hewitt of Lyme Grove, 28 November 1945 at Chester Royal Infirmary. Edgar served nearly 3 years in the RASC. He was wounded in north Africa in 1941 and had been torpedoed when going overseas. Before joining the Armed Forces he worked as a sheet inspector at Messrs. Summers steelworks

Fusilier Leslie Hill, 14200837, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, 6th Bn,  17 May, 1944, 22, Son of William Thomas Hill and Catherine Hill, of Buckley, Cassino War Cemetery, Italy

Driver Thomas Hill, T/10673247  Royal Army Service Corps, 27 October, 1944, 22, Son of Alfred and Annie Hill, of Mold Road, Buckley, Assisi War Cemetery, Italy

Private Bernard Hopwood, 14574388, South Staffordshire Regiment, 2nd (Airborne) Bn., 22 September, 1944, 20, Son of John Leonard and Emily Mary Hopwood, of Mynydd Isa, Groesbeek Memorial, Netherlands

Private Griffith Horace Griffiths, 14342634, Wiltshire Regiment, 21 Apr 1944, 33, Son of William and Mary Griffiths; husband of Edith Maud Griffiths, of Tividale, Tipton, Staffordshire, Rangoon Memorial

Able Seaman Baden Homfrey Hughes, Royal Navy, HMS Tracker, 15 April, 1944, 21, Grandson of Eliza Hughes, of Buckley, Chatham Naval Memorial

Private Robert Hughes, 14374211, King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, 5 December, 1944, 22,  Son of John Richard and Nellie Hughes of Mynydd Isa, Faenza War Cemetery, Italy

Guardsman Herbert Humphreys, 2736088, Welsh Guards, 25 July, 1944, 24, Son of Joseph Wynne and Lilian Humphreys, of Buckley, Ranville War Cemetery, France

Aircraftman 1st Class Peter Humphreys, 2201520, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 11 June, 1945, 33, Buckley (St Matthew) Churchyard, Row 13, Grave 352

Fusilier Eddie Jones, 14567237,   Royal Welch Fusiliers, 22 September, 1944, 19, Son of Edwin and Hannah Maria Jones, of Buckley, Bergen-Op-Zoom War Cemetery, Netherlands

Fusilier George Jones, 4205075   Royal Welch Fusiliers, 12th Bn., 11 August, 1942, Son of Ernest D. Jones and Ann Jones, of Mynydd Isa, Bistre Emmanuel Churchyard grave 727

Corporal Wilfred Jones, 974068  Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 18 September, 1944, Son of Edward and Eleanor Jones of Buckley, Singapore Memorial

Leading Telegraphist Henry Cyril Langford, D/WRX 968,   Royal Naval Volunteer (Wireless) Reserve, HMS Nith, 24 June, 1944, 26, Son of Walter and Elizabeth Langford; husband of Eileen Mary Langford, of Hoole, Cheshire, Plymouth Naval Memorial

Ordinary Seaman Andrew Norman Lewis, C/JX 235136,    Royal Navy, HMS Barham, 25 November, 1941, 26, Son of Andrew James and Menir Edith Lewis. A.C.A. Chatham Naval Memorial

Gunner William James Lewis, 996813, Royal Artillery, 10 March, 1943, 28, Son of James and Ada Lewis, of Buckley, Tabarka Ras Rajel War Cemetery, Tunisia

Robert Lloyd – believed to be Robert Lloyd, 27, buried 5 August 1942 at St Matthews, son of Robert and Dorothy of Argoed and husband of Norah (nee Kelly) of Ewloe Place. Robert worked for 8 years for Messrs. John Summers, Shotton. He was a flight mechanic in the RAF and his funeral cortege at St. Matthew’s was headed by a contingent of Mynydd Isa Home Guards.

Marine Gerald Lyons, PLY/X 2469, Royal Marines, 21 June, 1943, 24, Son of Patrick and Edith Lyons (nee Shaw), of Park Road, Buckley, Bistre Emmanuel Churchyard grave 277. Died in hospital at Kilmacolm, Renfrewshire while assigned to H.M.S. Illustrious. Remembered by his nephew here.

Radio Officer Ronald Stroud Mallett, British Overseas Airways Corporation, 26 September, 1942, Runnymede Memorial. Son of Beatrice Mary Stroud of Cartref, Mynydd Isa.

Assistant Steward Neil McAllister, Merchant Navy, S.S. Ceramic, 7 December, 1942, Son of Neil and Maggie McAllister, of Buckley, Flintshire, Tower Hill Memorial

Lieutenant Ralph Messham, 302803, Royal Artillery, 4 March, 1945, 26,   Son of Walter and Esther Messham, of Drury, Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery, Netherlands

Elsie Okell, Civilian War Dead, 2 June, 1941, 20,  Probationer Nurse. Daughter of Elsie and Percy Okell of Liverpool Road Farm, Buckley, St. Matthews, Buckley

Private Leslie Parry, 11420712,    Pioneer Corps,  20 February, 1945, 28,   Son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Parry, of Buckley, Schoonselhof Cemetery, Belgium

Driver Joseph Millroy, T/65221    Royal Army Service Corps, 21 July, 1942, 30, Son of Joseph and Margaret Milroy; husband of Mary Louisa Milroy, of Buckley, El Alamein War Cemetery, Egypt

Gunner John Parry, 1468724, Royal Artillery, 9 March, 1942, 25,  Son of John and Polly Parry, of Lane End; husband of Frances Parry, of Lane End, Tripoli War Cemetery, Libya

Marine Kenneth Price, PLY/X 104025, Royal Marines, No. 41 R. M. Commando, 11 July, 1943, 25, Son of Robert Henry and Mary Hannah Price, of Buckley, Syracuse War Cemetery, Sicily

Sergeant Edward Mansell Roberts, 1624053, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 13 August, 1944, 20, Son of Wilfred and Martha Roberts, of Buckley, Buckley Nonconformist Cemetery

Fusilier Robert John Roberts, 4199315,    Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, 2nd Bn, 21 April, 1945, 28, Son of David and Nell Roberts; husband of Eleanor W. Roberts, of Buckley, Argenta Gap War Cemetery, Italy

Sergeant Robert Roberts, 1684904, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 6 May 1944, 21, husband of Mona Roberts (nee Winter) of Greenfield, son of  Edward and Caroline Roberts of Buckley, Singapore War Memorial

Private Frederick Shone, 4202134, Welch Regiment, 13 January, 1945, 29, Son of Lancelot and Sarah Emma Shone; husband of Gladys Bronwen Shone of Buckley, Taukkyan War Cemetery, Myanmar

Warrant Officer George Ernest Shone, 564432,    Royal Air Force, 75 Sqdn, 29 June, 1942, 29, Son of George and Edith Olivia Gwladys Shone; husband of Nellie Florence Shone, of Hoole, Chester, Becklingen War Cemetery, Germany

Guardsman Raymond Shone, 2621679,   Grenadier Guards, 5th Bn, 27 June, 1944, 33, Son of Charles and Harriet Shone; husband of Ellen Shone, of Saltney, Chester, Bolsena War Cemetery, Italy

Sergeant Joseph Gordon Taylor, 1036176, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 24 October, 1942, 22, Son of John Hopwood Taylor and Hannah Taylor, of Mold, Ravenna War Cemetery, Italy

Able Seaman John Thomas Whitley, D/JX 630315, Royal Navy, HMS Whitaker, 1 November, 1944, 19, Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Whitley, of Buckley, Buckley Nonconformist Cemetery

Aircraftman 1st Class James Edward Wilcock, 913950, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 3 January, 1941, 22, Son of James and Sophia Wilcock, of Buckley,    Bistre Emmanuel Churchyard

Driver Dennis Williams, T/14702060, Royal Army Service Corps,  6 December, 1944, Son of Albert and Sarah Ann Williams, of Buckley, Flintshire, Schoonselhof Cemetery, Belgium

Driver Wilfred Williams, 14572456, Royal Corps of Signals, 24 April, 1945, 20, Son of John Henry and Lydia Williams, of Buckley, Flintshire, Becklingen War Cemetery, Germany

L/Cpl Frederick William Newton Wilson, 1902560, Royal Engineers, 18 June, 1940, 24, Son of Ernest Arthur and Alice Wilson, Liverpool Road, Buckley, Rennes Eastern Communal Cemetery

Trooper George Davis Wilson, Life Guards, 11 April 1946, 24, son of Thomas & Bessie Wilson of Lyme Grove, husband of Mary Bridgett (nee Ellis) of County Wicklow, Ireland, Brookwood Memorial. George died following an operation in the University College Hospital, London. He saw active service in Persia, Middle East, Italy France & Germany. He was only married about 4 months ago before he died.

Serjeant William Wood, 3rd Bn. Welsh Guards, 9 May 1943, 26, son of William and Florence Ellen (nee Palmer) Wood of Bryn-y-Baal, husband of Edna Mae Wood of Rochdale, Massicault War Cemetery, Tunisia. Prior to joining for active service he was a member of the Rochdale Borough Police Force.  Also named on the Mold Memorial.

Private Eric Roberts, 4202106, Gloucestshire Regiment, 28 October, 1942, 27, Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Roberts; husband of Lily Roberts, of Buckley, Rangoon War Cemetery, Myanmar

Able Seaman Kenneth Eric Williams, C/JX 253629, Royal Navy, HMS President III, 11 September, 1941, 26, Son of Walter and Jane Ann Williams; husband of Frances Williams, of Buckley, Flintshire, Chatham Naval Memorial.


Other servicemen from Buckley or with connections to Buckley, who are not on the Memorial are listed below:

Private Richard Glyn Jones, 3780496, The King’s Regiment (Liverpool), August 14, 1942, 32, Husband of Mary Jones, of Buckley, Flintshire, Kirkee WarCemetery, India

Private Hedley Shone, 7361795   Royal Army Medical Corps, October 25, 1940, 22, Son of Walter and Jessie Shone, Hawarden, Ismailia War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt

Colin Shone, 1st Btn Cheshire Regiment, July 13, 1939, 25, Son of Walter and Jessie Shone, Hawarden, Suakin, East Africa

Leading aircraftman Richard George Earl, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, May 6, 1943, 35, Son of George Eli Earl and Leoni Earl; husband of Elizabeth Earl, of Buckley, Flintshire, Nairobi War Cemetery, Kenya

Fusilier Walter Davies, 4198783  Royal Welch Fusiliers, 1st Bn., March 1, 1945, 28, Son of David and Mary Davies, of Mold, Flintshire, Taukkyan War Cemetery, Myanmar

Private Joseph Alfred Snape, Worcestershire Regiment, November 19, 1944, 26, Son of William and Rose Snape; husband of Edna May Snape, of Buckley, Brunssum War Cemetery, Netherlands

Pilot Officer Charles Norman Wright, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, July 8, 1944, 29, Son of Joseph and Maud Eliza Wright, husband of Phyllis Collins Wright, of Dobshill, Omerville Communal Cemetery



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