A total of 310 soldiers from this area served their country, with 34 having fallen and been commemorated on the Bagillt Memorial


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Bagillt War Memorial 001

The Bagillt War Memorial is inscribed with a verse by the Bard Ellis Evans (Hedd Wyn), who was also killed during Word War 1.

Mae’r hen delynau genid gynt

Ynghrog ar gangau’r helyg draw,

A gwaedd y bechgyn lond y gwynt,

A’u gwaed yn gymysg efo’r glaw.


The harps that once could help our pain

Hang silent, to the willows pinned.

The cry of battle fills the wind

And blood of lads–it falls like rain.

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The unveiling and dedicating of the Bagillt Memorial

Bagillt Memorial in 1955.  Many thanks to Peter Jones for sharing this image.



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