How It Began
This website began in 2007 when Eifion and Viv Williams began to research the names on the memorial in Sychdyn, the Flintshire village near Mold where they live. It was always the stories of the men that seemed important to them, Who they were, where they’d lived and worked and who their families were. Others have told and are still telling the stories of the battles and the war itself, Eifion and Viv, however, wanted to tell the stories of the men so that they could become more than just names on stones.

This initial project was fairly quickly extended to include the other two villages in the parish of Northop (Northop Parish comprises Northop, Northophall and Sychdyn). The original notion of publishing a booklet became obsolete almost before they started to think about it as more and new information was coming in all the time. The idea of a website presented itself as an obvious solution and was born.

After the First World War, the people of Flintshire went to extraordinary lengths to record the contribution that each and every serviceman made to the war effort. The County Record Office in Hawarden holds this archive which consists of an index card for each serviceman. The cards belonging to the men who died had the top right hand corner snipped off. Eifion and Viv handled these cards many times as they researched the memorials and it eventually dawned on them that there was a research job to be done on the whole of Flintshire. was created which incorporated the original website

Researchers.The task is an enormous one. To research and record the Great War Memorials in the whole of Flintshire is more than Eifion and Viv can manage on their own.  The website has been adapted so that other people can be given guidelines and passwords to enable them to publish directly on to the website under  Eifion and Viv’s editorial control.  They have been delighted to welcome to the project Mavis Williams, Geoff Mitchell, Peter Metcalfe, Keith Humphreys, Pat Satchell, Peter Kelsall,  Emma Jones, Celia Drew, Jane Marriott, Gill Roberts, Dave Healey, Andrew Moss,  Geoff & Judith Rogers, Barbara Forbes, June Brady, Ann Parry, Mike Jones, Linda Hughes and  Claire Lewis Would you be interested in researching and documenting a Flintshire WW1 memorial? If you enjoy researching and writing up your findings then perhaps you might like to work on one of the smaller memorials as a start. There will be plenty of help and support along the way.  Please make contact through this website to discuss further.

Executive Steering Committee
In 2012 a small Executive Steering Committee was formed to oversee the development of the website. This Committee currently includes the following interested ‘friends’ of Flintshire War Memorials

Eifion Williams
Viv Williams
Lindsay Hicks
Jennifer Walters
Winston Ellis
Claire Harrington.

Flintshire Local Voluntary Council has been encouraging by providing advice as well as financial and technical support for enhancing and developing the website.

Heritage Lottery Funding In April 2014, Flintshire War Memorials was awarded  a  £10,000 grant by the National Heritage Lottery Fund in Wales. This money is to be used for developing the website and will especially focus on making it a real community project with training opportunities for researchers.

Researchers from the project are available to give talks and tell stories from the website. Contact Eifion and Viv Williams in the first instance via the ‘Contact’page on the website

We make a huge effort to ensure that the details on the site are accurate but there may be some mistakes. We apologise for these and ask that if you spot any errors, you contact us and we can put them right.

We don’t knowingly breach copyright on the pages of this website. If you believe that we have done so, please contact us and if it proves to be the case that there is a breach, we will remove the offending item.

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